Out Of Town Street Flower Vendors-‘They Make Enough Cash, But They Leave Us Trash’?

Out Of Town Street Flower Vendors-‘They Make Enough Cash, But They Leave Us Trash’?

Mangaluru : The ongoing festival period is not just heightening the spirits of people; it is also increasing the size of the mounds of garbage already plaguing the city. Left-over flowers that found no takers during Ayudha Puja and Dasara, line the streets of popular city areas in the city, blocking traffic movement in some parts, painting a grim picture of the garbage collection and disposal system in the city post the festivities. The Mangaluru City Corporation has been nice to these street vendors who come from Bagalkote, Arsikere, Hassan and other parts of Karnataka, in allowing them to make business during various festival days- but in return, when they go back they leave all the waste to be cleaned by the workers of MCC- and not only that, take away the Swachh of Mangaluru.

Even though the painting on the University College wall talks about “Arise and Awake” to see that Mangaluru is clean of litter, put up by Ramakrishna Mission- but sadly, a huge pile of garbage is seen right next to this message, this morning.Even as the city celebrated Ayudha Pooja, the streets along Nehru Maidan Road, also adjacent to Town Hall, Market Road and other busy shopping areas have been left with uncleared mountains garbage, including news papers that are seen blowing on to the road. And the poor Pourakarmikas of Antony Waste Disposal Company are seen sweeping and collecting the waste and the garbage clearance trucks at some places attempting to carry out the herculean task of ridding the roads of the rotting garbage.

The Scenes during the Sale by the Street Flower Vendors Yesterday…..

But my question is that, why MCC employees have to clean up the mess left behind by the street vendors? These street vendors are not even the citizens of Mangaluru. They don’t even pay City taxes. Then why is MCC not taking any action against these street vendors who leave behind a big mess, that Pourakarmikas have to clean up. And this is not the FIRST time, it happens year after year, and the MCC officials have turned a blind eye towards it. This time, even in spite of volunteers of Ramakrishna Mission advising these flower vendors to keep their areas clean, and see that no garbage is left behind, but all in vain- the pictures in this report will speak the truth!

Apart from these street flower vendors, even the street vendors who sell old clothes every Sunday, also leave behind unwanted clothes and every Monday morning the Pourakarmikas get stuck with the cleaning job. It’s about time that MCC looks into this situation, and warn these street vendors about their carelessness and ugliness, that is taking out the Swachh of Mangaluru- even though our City is judged as one of the Cleanest City in India. These Street vendors need to be blamed for the garbage-lined roads. Footpath vendors, mainly selling flowers, would dispose of the waste wherever they set up business.

Following are the pictures of garbage left behind by these vendors after their sales 

This is a never ending problem-When the vendors wind up for the day, they leave the garbage behind, spilling on the roads, inconveniencing the commuters and shopkeepers around the areas. Although Mangaluru is ranked as the third cleanest cities in the country, but there has been always garbage and filth scattered all over the city. The MCC officials have turned a blind eye towards the garbage created by these out of town street vendors. These vendors need to be warned, and fined if they leave behind garbage after their business. Of our many civic problems, we view the problem of visible filth on our streets as a behaviour and attitude problem that can be solved in our lifetime (or rather, this month).

This can be achieved without spending money or changing legislation or systems. It requires coming up with smart ideas to change people’s rooted cultural behaviour and attitudes. And making sure those ideas work. And to make this happen we need public support in keeping the city clean, and we also need more volunteers. It’s time to Arise and Awake- Let’s not be ignorant- let’s appreciate the work done by MCC Pourakarmikas, volunteers of (Swachh Bharath) Ramakrishna Mission and all others who are trying to keep Mangaluru clean. We need to learn manners of cleanliness, we need to join hands with MCC and other voluntary associations who are striving to keep this beautiful coastal city clean. Let’s not dirty it by our ignorance and dirty manners. MCC needs to educate these street vendors about cleanliness, and if they are still ignorant, punish them with hefty fines Or STOP THEIR ENTRY TO MANGALURU!. Period.

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