Overwhelming majority in Haryana, Maha want Modi to stay PM

Overwhelming majority in Haryana, Maha want Modi to stay PM
New Delhi: A majority of voters in Haryana and Maharashtra want change of their state governments and the Chief Ministers immediately but an overwhelming majority want Narendra Modi to remain the Prime Minister and his government to continue, according to IANS-CVoter Poll Survey.

According to the survey, 57.5 per cent people in Haryana favoured change of the state government immediately while the percentage wanting this in Maharashtra was 54.9 per cent.

The percentage of people which did not want change of government in Haryana was 41.6 per cent and the figure in Maharashtra was 44.6 per cent, according to the survey.

Both Haryana and Maharashtra have Assembly polls slated for October 21. Haryana is currently being ruled by the BJP and the party, in alliance with Shiv Sena, is in government in Maharashtra too.

Asked whether they wanted to change the Chief Minister, 52.8 per cent of those surveyed in Haryana said “yes” and 46.8 per cent said “no”. BJP’s Manohar Lal Khattar is the Chief Minister at present.

In Maharashtra, where BJP’s Devendra Fadnavis is the Chief Minister, 54.5 per cent said “yes” to this question and 44.7 per cent said “no”.

At least 64 per cent of those surveyed in Haryana also wanted to change their local MLA immediately while 34.2 per cent did not.

The percentage of people who want to change their local MLA in Maharashtra immediately was 54.7 per cent, while 43.1 per cent did not want it.

When it comes to the national level, 72 per cent of those surveyed in Haryana did not want change of the BJP-led Central government immediately, while 26.9 per cent wanted that and 1.1 per cent were undecided.

Similarly, 76.3 per cent people surveyed in Haryana want Modi to remain as the Prime Minister while 22.8 per cent want him to be changed and 0.9 per cent did not take any position.

In Maharashtra, 67.2 per cent of those surveyed want the BJP government at the Centre to continue and 71.5 per cent want Modi to remain at the helm. At the same time, 31.3 per cent want the Central government to change immediately and 27.5 per cent want change of the Prime Minister.

When it comes to local MPs, 51 per cent of those asked in Haryana do not want a change while 43.2 per cent want a change immediately. At least 5.7 per cent were undecided on this.

In Maharashtra, the percentage of people not wanting change of their MP was 55.8, even though 39.8 per cent wanted the change, the survey showed, adding 4.4 per cent were undecided.

The survey was carried out between September 16 and October 16 and its sample size in Haryana was 10,061 and 19,489 in Maharashtra.