Pangal Suresh Nayak (74) passes away

Pangal Suresh Nayak (74) passes away

Mangaluru: Veteran electrical engineer Pangal Suresh Nayak (74) passed away at Father Muller Hospital in the city on Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 9:00 p.m. He had been experiencing chronic respiratory problems for the last few years and his condition had aggravated in the last few weeks.

He is survived by his wife Samina Nayak and daughter Nayantara Mallya, who is based in Bangalore along with her husband and two children.

Pangal Suresh Nayak was an electrical engineer and worked for many years in Baghdad, Iraq and later in Kuwait. He had started his career working for the public sector engineering consultancy firm Engineers India Limited in Delhi during its fledgeling years. The family had to face great hardship after the outbreak of a prolonged war between Iran and Iraq in 1980. After relocating to neighbouring Kuwait, they were once again faced with a crisis following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. They were able to secure a passage back home to India after losing all their belongings. He often spoke and wrote about his experiences of those difficult days.

After returning to Mangalore in 1990, he set up a private practice as a consulting electrical engineer. Due to his industrial experience, he was much in demand for industries, institutions, large projects and installations. He was also known to generously share his engineering skills and knowledge with students.

His hobbies included review of books and movies as well as writing short stories. He posted many of his short stories in his blog and often participated in online writing contests too. He was earlier a member of Winners Club Toastmasters had served as office bearer too. He was known for his efforts in mentoring budding speakers and nurturing new clubs.

Last respects may be paid to his mortal remains 2.00 –to 4.00 p.m. at his residence on Vivekananda Road, 5th Cross, Nanthoor, Kadri Hills, Mangalore.