Papa CJ’s ‘Naked’ to be premiered at London’s Soho Theatre

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New Delhi, Feb 13 (IANS) Indian stand-up comedian Papa CJ is pushing the boundaries of the fast growing humour industry of the country and the latest on that front is his show “Naked” that will premiere at the prestigious Soho Theatre in London.

His new show is said to be the first ever show from an Indian comedian to be invited to premiere at the prestigious theatre on February 20, said a statement.

“This February, I received the honour of being the first Indian and possibly Asian comedian invited to premiere my show at the prestigious Soho Theatre in London as well as to speak at the Harvard Business School in Boston,” said Papa CJ.

He has also performed at Carolines on Broadway, located in the heart of the Times Square in New York.

One of the most coveted venues for standup comedy, Carolines on Broadway has played host to top-ranking names from the genre such as Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Robin Williams among many others.

Papa CJ also carried out a successful multi-city tour in India recently.

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