Parents will be Booked if Minors found Driving Vehicles – SP Sanjeev Patil

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Parents will be Booked if Minors found Driving Vehicles – SP Sanjeev Patil

Udupi: “Cases will be registered against the parents of minors driving vehicles”, said the District Superintendent of Police Dr Sanjeev Patil IPS. He was replying to a caller during the police phone in-programme organized at the District Police Office here on October 14.

If there is death during accidents involving minors driving vehicles, cases will also be registered against the parents of the minors. A caller said that minor students were riding bikes near a private college campus. SP said in cases of minors riding bikes or driving vehicles, cases will be booked on their parents. Another caller said that traders were involved in selling fireworks on the footpath in Haladi without a license, SP said the effective action will be taken against the trader and the establishment will be shut down.

A caller said that blow horns were creating a nuisance to the public and bike riders, SP said the drive to check on shrill and blow horns have been effective and 929 cases were registered this week. The drive is on but still, the bus operators are using shrill horns. Such buses will be seized and fines will be imposed through the court, he added.

Another caller said that astrologers were cheating and harassing him for money, SP urged the caller to visit the Udupi Town Police station and file a complaint, he also urged the caller not to fall prey to superstitions.

A caller from Kallianpur-Santhekatte said that the conductor and driver of a bus alleged assaulted him for asking them to vacate the seat of the senior citizens which was occupied by another person. SP said that the seats reserved for senior citizens are to be occupied by senior citizens and not others. SP directed the Udupi DySP Kumaraswamy to inspect the buses running in Kallianpur-Santhekatte area.

Another caller said that the people from Uttara Kannada were involved in gambling in a private hotel near Shiroor-Byndoor. SP urged the caller to give him the information if the offense is reported again. A caller said that the bus operators were not issuing tickets even after collecting the fare, SP asked the caller to contact the Control Room and give information on the bus to initiate action.

A caller from Katpadi-Palligudde area said that a petty shop owner was selling cigarettes near the school, SP directed the local PSI to initiate action. Another caller said that students from the ITI in Kinnimulky were creating problems to the pedestrians by smoking cigarettes. SP said that effective action will be initiated.

Another caller said that the bus operators having the permit to Salikeri-Honnala region were not regular in their service, SP said that he will initiate effective action.

A caller requested the District Superintendent of Police to depute a police personnel near Uchila-Mahalakshmi Temple as school students were finding difficulty in crossing the highway. SP said that a proposal for 26-foot overbridges has been submitted to the National Highways Authority. The foot overbridges will be constructed near Katpadi, Polipu, Uchila, Ambalpady, Santhekatte, Kotal Highschool, Saligrama, Bramhavar bus stand, Bramhavar SMS College, Shiroor Kelapete, Yadtare Bus Stand, Byndoor Junction, Arehole, Arate, Mullikatte, Trasi Beach Road, Maraswamy Temple, Tiger Circle, Syndicate Circle and MIT Junction.

Later the SP speaking to media persons said that 26 calls were received, over 15 persons were arrested in Matka cases, 8 cases related to drug consumption were booked against 11 people, 98 cases registered for using shrill horns, 1119 cases against riding without helmets. 28 cases were registered under drink and drive and 28 cases are registered for rash driving, he added.

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  1. The Phone-in initiative program will certainly garner lots of
    grievances and complaints from residents and citizens of
    Udupi District, that the District Superintendent of Police,
    Dr. Sanjeev Patil IPS will find difficult to act upon and fulfill,
    based on the nature and the amount of complaints pouring
    in. Moreover, the change should come from the people of
    UdupI and those in authority given the responsibility to make
    life better for it’s residents, and not from Law and Order

    The very fact that despite of complaints being received and action
    having been taken by the Udupi Police Dept., shrill horns are still
    being used and bus tickets are still not being issued to the people
    riding the bus, by the local private bus operators. Bike riders are
    still riding without safety helmets, still keeping small kids on the
    fuel tank, and riding 3 and 4! So what is ailing the people of
    Udupi? Being a responsible and caring resident and citizen first,

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