Parivarthan’s Aadhar Registration Camp for Transgenders a step in the right direction

Parivarthan’s Aadhar Registration Camp for Transgenders a step in the right direction

Mangaluru: Under the able leadership of Deputy Commissioner Dr Jagadeesha, the Parivarthan Charitable Trust organized the Aadhar Registration Camp for Transgenders at the trust’s office in Milagres on December 30.


During a meeting held at the DC office on December 17, the Deputy commissioner after hearing grievances from the Transgender community in obtaining Aadhar card, bank account, ration card and housing, ordered the Women and Child Development department to look into the matter. The DC also informed the Aadhar card department to issue cards to them without any discrimination. Based on the order of the DC, the Parivarthan Charitable Trust took the initiative to assist the Transgenders. The approval of the gazetted officer was obtained to provide Aadhar cards under trust office address since most of the transgenders do not have a permanent address.


On December 30, the Aadhar card camp was held at the Trust office. Co-ordinator Narendra Nayak and Swetha Sharath from the Aadhar card section rendered their service in providing the Aadhar cards.

Speaking on the occasion, one of the Transgenders Sanjana said, “Before starting the trust, we were not recognized by anyone. On August 30, under the able leadership of Violet Pereira and other trustees, the Parivarthan Charitable Trust was inaugurated. In the beginning, there were some hurdles which we have overcome with the support and help of the trust. Now we are seeing some changes and are hoping for the best. Like anyone else, we too need to do something and be self-reliant which is possible by learning some skills. So we have decided to enroll in self-development training. Under such a scheme, I have applied for the beautician course. Parivarthan trust is working relentlessly for the welfare of the Transgenders. We need more and more support from the government and also the public so that the trust will be successful in its mission of bringing us to the mainstream and being treated with respect like anyone else.”

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Speaking on the occasion, the Managing trustee of Parivarthan Charitable Trust, Violet Pereira said, “We have various plans to bring the transgenders to the mainstream. They have been neglected and face a lot of discrimination in society. Recently, we have applied for the government self-employment scheme and already 10 applications have been approved under this scheme. Under the self-employment scheme, every year 20 transgenders will be given self-development training. We have requested others who are interested in Tailoring and Beautician course to register their names soon. The applications are available at the trust office.” She thanked the deputy commissioner Dr Jagadeesha for providing the facilities at the Trust office for the Aadhar cards. She also thanked the Aadhar card department co-ordinator Narendra Nayak, Shwetha and other staff for spending their valuable time in this regard. The Aadhar card registration camp will continue on December 31 and is open for any transgenders who want to obtain the Aadhar card.