Peddling ‘lies’ is the only work Congress leaders do: Madhavi Latha

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Peddling ‘lies’ is the only work Congress leaders do: Madhavi Latha

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP leader Madhavi Latha has slammed the Congress, saying the only work its leaders do is to “peddle lies”.


She told IANS that the Leader of the Opposition (LoP) Rahul Gandhi uttered lies in Parliament and made a false allegation that the BJP speaks lies.

Madhavi Latha, who contested unsuccessfully from Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat in the recent elections, recalled that during the election campaign Congress spread the lie that if BJP gets 400 seats, it would change the Constitution.

“What was the truth in the edited video about reservation,” she asked. She was referring to an audio of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech which was morphed and circulated on social media allegedly by some Congress leaders.

“They are the ones who spread lies like the Constitution will be changed. They abuse God. They don’t go to the temple. Only during elections do they come to Ayodhya and say whatever they like. Probably everyone has forgotten one thing Rahul Gandhi had said about America’s examination. He sits with some people and speaks. Those who sit around him know nothing except nodding their head. None of them will have any knowledge about what he speaks,” she said.

The BJP leader said LoP Rahul Gandhi and Congress leaders under him don’t want to change themselves. “These people will get a befitting reply. The entire country is watching this,” she said.

Madhavi Latha said LoP Rahul Gandhi’s ancestors created turmoil. “Take for instance the Emergency. Family planning was done by Sanjay Gandhi Ji. This was done only for Hindus. Bofors which was done by Rajiv Gandhi Ji. Take any issue, these people can do anything,” she said when asked about the defections of BRS legislators to Congress and BRS leader K. T. Rama Rao’s taunt against LoP Rahul Gandhi ‘if this was how he would save the Constitution’.

“Today also they are trying to lure MLAs and MPs to their side. Let them do it. This will not make any difference to the country because the people of this country are with BJP and they will remain with the BJP. No one can change this fact,” the BJP leader added.


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