People thought I’d be flash in the pan: Virat Kohli

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People thought I’d be flash in the pan: Virat Kohli

New Delhi: Cricket star Virat Kohli says in his initial days in the game, he was judged for his ‘cool’ appearance, due to which people had the perception that he would be a “flash in the pan”.

In an interview to the GQ India August 2018 issue, Kohli has spoken out about his audacious style which is relished by the millennials.

“(When I started out), I was judged a lot. I would get constant feedback about my appearance. The perception was that a person like me would only be a flash in the pan,” Kohli said.

“But the truth is if you work hard, the game will give back. The game doesn’t look at tattoos, it looks at commitment,” added the Indian skipper.

He also feels younger players have become more confident because there is no mandate anymore.

“If you have tattoos, earrings or styled hair, you’re not stopped (at the junior levels) just because you’re flamboyant. It’s not like, if I style my hair or have tattoos, I won’t dive on the field because it’ll get spoiled,” he said.

When Kohli made his ODI debut, fresh off the U-19 World Cup victory in 2008, he stood out.

“For me, winning is like an obsession. I’ve started to accept losses only now, but earlier, I would just go mad (when I lost).”

But now instead of obsessing over winning every time, Kohli is learning to enjoy the responsibility he shoulders.

“I realise now this is not just about me working hard and doing something on the field, but also about seeing the larger picture. That I have this opportunity to do something special for my country,” added the 29-year-old.

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