PM Modi and HM Shah has Remote of this Country – Bava

PM Modi and HM Shah has Remote of this Country – Bava

Mangaluru: “Preparations are underway for the mass protest meet against the CAA and NRC at Kannur, Adyar. More than one lakh people will gather for the protest meeting. The BJP leaders are giving various statements about CAA and NRC to mislead the people. But the CAA and NRC not only affects Muslims but people from all walks of life. Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah has the remote of this country and they are making rules however they want. We all should unitedly fight against the CAA and NRC”, said former MLA Moideen Bava in a press meet held at Hotel Ocean Pearl here on January 14.

Addressing the mediapersons Moideen Bava said, “On January 15, those who are participating should carry only the Indian flag. People should join in large numbers to protest against the CAA and NRC. If the CAA and NRC will be implemented, the poor people, minority and  SC/ST will face a lot of problems. If the officers ask for the father’s grandparents birth certificate from where will the poor people bring it. If we don’t have any documents about our grandfathers we will be sent to the detention centres. In Assam already 18 lakh people do not have documents. We don’t trust Amit Shah”.

Moideen Bava further said, “The CAA and NRC will divide the people of this country. We are born Indians and we will die as Indians. We will not support CAA at any cost. Being the former MLA, the constituency in which I had contested has 80% Hindus, they had voted in my favour and helped me to win the Assembly elections. Being a former MLA, it is an insult for me to provide my documents to the government to prove my citizenship. On January 15, people from various places will gather at Adyar, the police should allow the people to come to the venue and co-operate for the smooth conduct of the protest meeting.

Former Mayor Ashraf, Harish Baikampady and others were also present. இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: செவ்வாய், 14 ஜனவரி, 2020

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