Police Arrest Jonas and Victoria in Shreemathi Shetty Murder Case

Police Arrest Jonas and Victoria in Shreemathi Shetty Murder Case

Mangaluru: On May 12, morning Shreemathi Shetty was found dead and her head covered with the helmet was found near Kadri Park in a gunny bag. Her other body parts were found near Koti Chennaya circle Nandigudda; two of her limbs were found on May 15 near the Kadri park area. In connection to this murder, the police commissioner had formed three teams and 30 police officers including the staff were working on the case to nab the culprits. The police have interrogated 4 persons in this case including Jonas Julian Samson (36) and his wife Victoria Mathias (46) from Seminary Compound, Attavar, presently residing in Suterpete.

“Progress has been made in the murder that took place last Sunday. The Police Department has successfully conducted the investigation and made arrests in just three days. As everyone knows, on Sunday morning (around 9 am) we received information that there was a woman’s dead body between the Nanthoor and KPT Junction. After receiving the information, we went there and inspected the area. We found the mutilated body of a 35 to 40-year-old woman who was identified as Shreemathi Shetty, a resident of Amar Alva Road. After interrogating several people at the field level and collecting substantial technical evidence for the last three days, we found that Jonas Julian Samson (36) was the murderer”, said Mangaluru City Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil in a press meet held at the Police Commissioner’s Office, State Bank here, on May 15.

Addressing the mediapersons Sandeep Patil said, “Yesterday when we went to arrest Jonas Samson, he attempted to commit suicide after seeing the police. He has been shifted to Father Muller Hospital and the doctor has also said that the self-inflicted injuries are superficial. We have also arrested Jonas’s wife – Victoria Mathias (46) and we have interrogated her. After interrogating her, we found that  Jonas had taken a loan of 1 Lakh rupees from Shetty. The loan was partially paid back by Jonas and the remaining amount that was to be paid back was about 60,000 rupees. The victim kept meeting them and asking for the remaining dues. On Saturday, when the victim went to the home of the accused in order to ask for the money, there was a fight and the accused murdered  Shreemathi in his house. After that, he chopped the body and disposed of it at  three different places in the city. Jonas is in the hospital and we will interrogate him later. Victoria is presently in our custody and we have already interrogated her. “

Sandeep Patil further said, “We have also recovered Jonas’s two-wheeler which was used for the crime and also the victim’s gold ornaments. He had kept it in his friend’s house. There were no signs of torture of the victim. We are also hunting any other culprits who assisted in the crime. Jonas Samson had a criminal record registered at Mangaluru South Police Station in a case involving the murder of John Mary Mendoza. He used to run a passport agency at Nandigudda.”

The police seized a two-wheeler, 8 rings and a gold chain of the victim from the possession of the accused. The Police Commissioner has assured a reward to all the police officers who have worked relentlessly to nab the culprits.

Under the direction of Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil and under the guidance of DCP Law and Order Hanumantharaya and DCP Crime and Traffic Lakshmi Ganesh, the operation was carried out by ACP Sudhir Hegde, Police Inspector of Mangaluru East Police Station Mahesh M, Kankanady Police Inspector Jagadish, Pandeshwar Police Inspector Aradhya, CCB Inspector Shivaprakash, Kabbal Raj, Shankar Nairy and staff for  Kadri Police station, Kankandy Police Station, Pandeshwar Police station,CCB staff and Central Sub-division staff.

DCP (Law and Order) Hanumantharaya and DCP (Traffic and Crime) Lakshmi Ganesh were also present.

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