Police Got Talents! Cops & their Kids Gearing Up for the Rajyotsava Day BIG Show on 1 Nov

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Police Got Talents! Cops & their Kids Gearing Up for the Rajyotsava Day BIG Show on 1 November 2023 at Town Hall, Mangaluru from 4.30 pm onwards, organized by the Mangaluru Police Commissionerate

Mangaluru: It should be noted that when N Shashi Kumar took over the charge as Police Commissioner of Mangaluru City, he had come up with quite a few initiatives starting with a month-long fitness workshop for the police personnel to keep them trim, fit and healthy, both men and women, then he had organized a cricket match to keep the police involved in sporting activities. Later, alarmed over a number of people and also police personnel getting infected by coronavirus on duty, Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar directed that kiosks be set up outside all police stations for people who come there to file complaints, passport ID verification etc. Following that he took the initiative to provide free lunch and dinner to the frontline workers aka police who toiled hard combating the Covid-19 pandemic.


Later to bring out the hidden singing talents among the police, he took yet another initiative in hosting “Gana Sudhe”, which was promoted live on Arvind Vivek’s Facebook page, and the performance was held in the studio of St Aloysius College Sarang 108.7 FM. The main aim of the programme was to give the police personnel a break from the hectic and stressful work they are involved in. Generally, after a point of time, due to work pressure, that includes maintaining law and order, they get exhausted and frustrated. Only programmes like these and other activities can bring some peace of mind and solace during their hectic work. This was a great opportunity for some talented singers to expose their singing talents to the outside world.

Then Police Inspector Honakatti of Barke police station who sang along with his wife on this programme expressed his gratitude to the police commissioner for giving him a chance to expose his singing talents live via Facebook. Among the nearly 20 police personnel who took part in ‘Gana Sudhe” gave their best singing performance which became viral on social media via Facebook which had left thousands impressed received lots of applause from the listeners, making them all social media sensations. Among these bevy of singers was police commissioner Shashi Kumar who beautifully rendered the Kannada song “Geethanjali” by C B Shankar, and also a Hindi song from the 1971 movie ‘Anand’- this showed apart from being the Top Cop, he is also a great athlete, Cricketer, Swimmer, and also a great SINGER. The smooth sound of Shashi Kumar was delightful and the Internet thought that too, with lots of praise received. Bravo!

The police did have talents of singing and dancing and other talents, well before Top Cop Shashi Kumar took charge, but their past spirit and excitement of talents increased after he encouraged them to be active in co-curricular activities and not just their hectic job of maintaining law and order. Even though the former Top Cop has been transferred, the police personnel have not quit their action in unleashing their hidden talents of singing, dancing etc. In order to get selected to perform at the Rajyotsava BIG SHOW to be held at Town Hall on 1 November 2023, a bunch of police and their children got into action on stage and were judged by the juries, who picked the Best among the Rest, to be featured on the Big Show.

Ever heard a policeman/policewoman or his/her child singing to the latest Bollywood or Sandalwood tune? Maybe. But how about cops dancing to the groove of Bollywood or Sandalwood dance moves? Beat it? For a change, instead of seeing men in uniform patrolling the streets catching criminals or nailing traffic rules offenders, a few of these police personnel along with their children got into the act of singing and dancing on stage at St Aloysius PU College, meticulously and eloquently compared by Urwa Police Inspector Ms Bharathi.

This programme was held under the initiative and guidance of Police Commissioner Anupam Agarwal, DCP Dinesh Kumar and Sidharth Goyal, among others singing and dancing talents were shown in a friendly contest, and the selected ones by the judges will be performing on the BIG STAGE during the BIG SHOW on Rajyotsava Day 2023 on 1 November at Town Hall, Mangaluru. From investigation and law enforcement skills, the performance of these policemen will also help project a positive image of the police to the public.

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