Police Stations will be made People-Friendly in Udupi District – SP Nisha James

Police Stations will be made People-Friendly in Udupi District – SP Nisha James

Udupi: “The District Police administration has decided to take strict action against overloading of school transport vehicles especially autos and vans”, said Superintendent of Police Nisha James.

She was responding to a phone caller on Friday June 14, during the weekly Phone-in programme at the SP office.

The caller, hailing from Parkala, complained that many autos and vans were carrying students beyond the established capacity in Parkala and others areas. The SP warned that if any school auto or van was found to be loaded beyond capacity, strict action will be taken against them. Reportedly, the auto union has given its consent to the directives issued by the police department.

The caller also complained that many mobiles were stolen during the weekly market time in Parkala and people have registered complaints at the police station. However, no action has been taken yet. SP Nisha James replied that if anyone loses their mobile, they should report the IMA number of the mobile which will help the police trace it easily.

Another caller highlighted the ‘matka’ menace and said that illegal sand mining activities have risen in the district of Gangolli as well as in other prominent areas. The caller appealed for prompt action to be taken against the criminals. Nisha James, replying to the complainants, said that effective action will be initiated against gambling and illegal sand mining activities in the district. Action will be taken on people involved in gambling. The police officials will be working within the legal parameters to curb gambling. A probe will be initiated against the officials who fail to take steps to curb gambling.

A caller said that liquor is sold in petty shops in Byndoor and Kandlur which leads to problems in the society. SP directed the concerned officials of Byndoor Police Station to take action.

A senior citizen caller from Udupi complained that police officials of Udupi Town Police station misbehaved with him when he went to carry out his passport-related work. He further demanded strict action to be taken against the officials.

Responding to the complainant SP Nisha said, “It is essential that police personnel behave in a friendly manner with the people. People have high expectations from the Police Department. Hence, it was incumbent upon the police personnel to strive more during their duty in order to meet these expectations. Though the police personnel might not be able to solve all the problems of people, they should make a genuine attempt to listen to their grievances.”

James also promised to make the police station more accessible and people-friendly. She said that she would take all the measures to ensure a friendly atmosphere in police stations within the district. This would in turn enable petitioners to air their grievances without fear.

“We were planning to organize a workshop for the police personnel in order to bring in an attitudinal change among them, and this would ensure that the policemen behaved properly with the public.”

She also instructed the CPI of Udupi to submit a report on the concerned officer. If the complaint is proved, the department will initiate action against such an official.

A caller from Udupi said that many bikes and cars use high beam headlights excessively during the night time. The caller said that it totally blinds the riders who are travelling in the opposite direction. Looking into these headlights also affects one’s vision during driving. Such problems are rampant on the Udupi – Manipal road. SP Nisha James instructed the CPI to start a special drive against high beam headlight users.

She also said “After the previous phone-in programme, 20 Matka cases were registered and 20 people were arrested. 33 gambling cases were registered and 33 are under arrest. 4 excise cases were registered and 23 arrested. 86 cases were registered under COTPA, 103 for shrill horns, 58 cases for using mobiles while riding/driving, 1977 cases for riding without helmets, 135 cases for over speed, and 5409 cases for other crimes under the Motor Vehicles Act.”

DySP Kundapur Dinesh Kumar, CPI Karkala Halamurthy Rao, CPI Udupi Manjunath, PSI Seetharam Sen, and ASI Prakash were present.

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