Mangaluru: Modi Insulted 130 Crore People of the Country by His Statement – Poojary

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Mangaluru: Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary held a press meet at the District Congress Office here, on May 23.

Addressing the mediapersons, Poojary said that the BJP is talking against the Congress for organizing a convention to mark the second anniversary of Congress achievements. “The BJP says that the Congress is telling lies and they do not have shame. In this country, no government has given free rice to the poor, but in Karnataka, after Siddaramaiah become the Chief Minister, he has given free rice. Still, Yeddyurappa is criticizing the Congress government. Has any Chief Minister from Karnataka gone to jail but when you [Yeddyurappa] were the Chief Minister, you went to jail.”

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Directing his statements to Yeddyurappa, he further said, “There are cases against your sons and son-in-laws, and this has made the entire state bow their heads in shame. Now you are saying that Congress achievement is zero. Don’t you feel ashamed to talk like that?”

Poojary also said that the Congress, after coming to power, fulfilled more than 95 demands. “BPL card holders are getting free rice and many schemes have been implemented for the poor. Before commenting on Congress, you [Yeddyurappa] have to see your own party. You were unable to control your ministers in the cabinet when you were the Chief Minister. But our CM Siddaramaiah brings all the ministers together in the cabinet and makes decisions. Do you have the capacity to take all the ministers into confidence? Why did some of your ministers have to go to Delhi? First correct your party differences and unite all the ministers together before commenting on the Congress,” he said.

“When Raghupathi Bhat’s wife died, Poojary did not raise voice but when you point fingers on CM Siddaramaiah, Poojary will raise his voice because under the leadership of CM Siddaramaiah, the state will surely develop.”

“The gram panchayat and zilla Panchayat election is approaching, all the Congress workers should unite and work for the success of the party.”

Lambasting on Modi, Poojary said that before coming to power Modi assured to bring back the black money from Swiss banks, but he failed to keep his promise. “Even the land ordinance is in favour of the corporate world. What have you done for the farmers? Through the present land ordinance bill one can acquire land without the consent of the farmers. Instead of helping the poor farmers, you are trying to snatch the rights of the farmers. the Sensex is down, petrol rate has been hiked, Rupee against Dollar is also losing its value, ACC cement costs Rs 440, the rate of steel has also increased and builders are facing problems due to price hike for building materials. You have made the cabinet ministers useless. You have promised to credit Rs 15 lakh into every citizen’s account but you did not keep your promise. You know to publicize yourself. Congress has done many development works but they do not have the skill like you to publicize their work. You have insulted 130 core people by saying that we felt ashamed of being born Indian. So far no Prime Minister has insulted the country in such a way but you have done it. Why are you acting like a joker?” he questioned.

“Women are treated as Goddesses in India but what you [Modi] have done to your own wife? We have to respect women but why you are not respecting your own wife? Your wife is shedding tears and asking through RTI what safety she has in this country.” Poojary urged the Bajrang Dal and VHP to look into this matter and provide safety to Modi’s wife.

Congress leaders Harikrishna Bantwal, Vijay Kumar Shetty, Mahabala Marla, Suresh Ballal and others were also present.

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  1. “Why are you acting like a joker” Jannanna as part of his comedy show!! LOL
    At least, I am glad to see Suresha Ballaala sitting next to him. He was missing in Jannana’s previous comedy show!! LOL

  2. Mr Janna
    Who asked you to represent 130 crore people of India.
    Before you talk about representing 130 crore people please ask the people who are sitting next to you to know whether they agree with your views.
    Forget about 130 crore, I doubt even 130 people in India agree with your statement.
    Please relax and save your energy. Still there is plenty of time before 2019 elections.

  3. Jannu Poojary’s political expiry date is long over. I am surprised that Mr Suresh Ballal does not feel embarased to sit next to him and listen to all that he has to say. Perhaps he has no choice as he has no other power base. In fact no power base is better than non sense.

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