Portal Relaunched with New Look and Logo – Talk on Organ Donation Highlight of Event

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By Savney Monteiro, Pics by Flavin D’Souza, Team Mangalorean

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Mangaluru: An ‘Awareness Talk on Organ Donation’ along with the launch of revamped, innovative and restructured website of Mangalorean.com was held on the occasion of 50th birthday of editor-in-chief and proprietor of Mangalorean.com, Violet Pereira, in Rosario Hall, Hoige Bazar here on March 12.

The programme began with an invocation by the students of the School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya. Udupi district correspondent of Mangalorean.com, Michael Rodrigues, welcomed the gathering.

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The programme was inaugurated by the Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Fr J B Crasta and other dignitaries by lighting the traditional lamp.

Rosario parish priest Fr JB Crasta said that the Almighty had created the humans and hence the organs too belonged to Him. The humans owed it to the Almighty to ensure that others were helped by donating them.

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Saving lives this way would always be a noble need, he stressed. He further said that such awareness talks and campaigns were much essential and beneficial in the present times.

DC Ibrahim unveiled the new ‘Mangalorean’ logo and launched the revamped Mangalorean website with a mouse click. Outgoing Mayor of MCC, Jacintha Vijaya Alfred launched the ‘Organ Donation Drive’, which was jointly organized by Team Mangalorean and Kasturba Medical College.




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The occasion also marked the 50th birthday of Violet Pereira, who celebrated it by cutting the cake. The collective singing by the audience was led with musical accompaniment by Albert Jossie Rego and Herman Pereira, long-time well-wishers of the website.

The DC in his speech congratulated Team Mangalorean and KMC for introducing the organ donation drive. He also congratulated Violet Pereira on her ‘half-century’ and also on the new logo and website of Mangalorean.



He said that people struggled to get organ replacements when in need as many healthy organs were being buried or cremated following the death of any person.

He urged everyone to pledge the vital organs for donation and assured of the full backing from the district administration and the government to such humanitarian causes. He also wished that Team Mangalorean continued promoting such awareness programmes through the website.

Speaking on the occasion, Jacintha also congratulated Team Mangalorean and KMC for introducing the drive.


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She said that Violet being a courageous woman had been in the forefront of media and was often spotted working day and night, running to the assistance of needy persons and in emergencies.

She wished all success to programmes of this kind and thanked the website for inviting her to such a noble event.

Team Mangalorean reporter Alfie D’Souza introduced Michael D’Souza, a 102-year-old who had pledged to donate his organs.

Violet delivered the vote of thanks. This was followed by the highlight of the programme, a talk on organ donation by consultant Urologist and HOD at KMC, Dr G G Laxman Prabhu.

He dealt with the subject in detail, also looking at the legal angle, which was aimed at dispelling myths and misconceptions about organ donation.

A question-and-answer session followed, during which Dr Prabhu clarified many doubts expressed by the members of the audience.

All the donors who had pledged their organs were given certificates. Saiheel Rai compered the programme.  DCP Crime Dr Sanjeev Patil, Joseph Pereira, Surendra, Rakesh Darshan and team from KMC Hospital and others were also present.

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  1. “Fighting ignorance since 2003”

    In today’s age where there is a high literacy and people can read for themselves, and a strong media where people can actually see things happening around world, as the story unfolds. But regrettably we are still seeing what I would describe as “wilful ignorance”, when individually or collectively people choose to be untruthful and/or bury their heads in the ground like an ostrich.

  2. Congratulations!!! This new looks and format are looking great!! As usual, keep up the good work.

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  4. Fantastic looks !! Congrats Mangalorean.com .. Its great to see you in new Avatar!!! Way to go…..

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