Precious Water Lost due to Pipe Burst-Late Reaction by MCC Leaves Residents with No Water

Precious Water Lost due to Pipe Burst-Late Reaction by MCC Leaves Residents with No Water

Mangaluru : In a time when various parts in Mangaluru is facing acute water shortage, where water rationing is still in force, a part of it is wasting precious water. A water pipe burst open in Kadri Kambla road area, in front of Bharath Beedi Works Pvt Ltd, on Friday, 28 afternoon, results in gallons of water wasted, until MCC officials reacted late in shutting off the valve. Even though there had been problems of water logging due to the torrential rains couple of days ago, this is not the only problems Mangaluru is facing. On Friday late morning, a drinking water pipeline burst, disrupting water supply to many houses and offices in one portion of Kadri Road.

Even though this pipeline is a source of water to areas surrounding Kadri Kambla Road, MCC had deputed a few workers yesterday late afternoon, but they were so careless in finding the right spot where the water leak was coming. Digging at a wrong place, instead of finding the water pipe, the workers found a bunch of utility cables- and without taking further interest in trying to find the exact location of the burst water pipe, the workers left the scene for the day-making the area residents out of water for the whole Friday afternoon onwards until now.

This morning the MCC crew is back, with MCC Engineer Naveenchandra supervising the work, and speaking to Team Mangalorean he said, “We “sent our officials to the spot to inspect the situation as soon as we got the information of pipe burst. We tried to salvage the pipeline, but since the workers couldn’t find the exact location, they could not finish the work properly. So this morning we are carrying out the repair works, and hoping to rectify the problem soon, so that we can restore back the water supply.”

The cause of the leak is yet to be determined. However, water supply in the surrounding areas will be cut off until the leak is fixed. It is learnt that most of the pipelines are old and rusty, which could have led to the leak. Most of these pipelines were laid decades ago. There has been no effort to ensure that these pipelines are maintained regularly. Besides, almost 40% of the water supply is unaccounted for due to leaks in the age old pipelines. What a wastage of water when the City is reeling under the scarcity of water, and what a wastage of tax payers money, fixing all these leaky and faulty water pipes every now and then, at various places in the City.

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Joe D'Souza

Mr.Alfie,If I was there,I would have spotted the correct spot of leak. Because couple of years back when MCC was building under ground stupid rainwater drainage system, workers hit the Pipeline and leak started. I was called by Soans Welding Employee to inform Me. When I saw the condition of rusted pipes I was angry. What I saw was a Worker was trying to wrap the Pipe with Police Barricade Tape. Immediately I contacted Mr Laxman Poojary and I brought Him on site from Kambala area Bridge work in my vehicle. He saw and He was shocked too. He said… Read more »