Priyanka Chopra downs a tequila shot on Ellen DeGeneres’s show

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Priyanka Chopra downs a tequila shot on Ellen DeGeneres’s show

Los Angeles, Oct 26 (IANS) TV host Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Priyanka Chopra on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with tequila. The Indian actress gulped it down, and quipped about how Indians love their spirits.

Priyanka, who found international acclaim with her American TV series “Quantico”, did not hesitate when DeGeneres asked her to take a tequila shot during her sit-down on the show, which is aired in India on Romedy NOW.

Priyanka was asked to do a shot because she took a shot on the red carpet at an awards show recently. DeGeneres even showed the video. The actress said the shot made her “wonky” because she hadn’t eaten all day.

After the drink, Priyanka said: “Thank you for that, this will be a really smooth interview.”

DeGeneres said: “Yeah! It’s good, this will be our tradition now. Whenever you are talking to me or anybody that’s connected to the Ellen Show, you do a shot of tequila.”

To that, Priyanka said: “I really started believing it was a very American thing, because I was at the Emmy’s and it happened again. I was given tequila and I was like ‘American Red Carpets have to start with tequila’.”

When DeGeneres said “Americans drink a lot”, Priyanka commented: “Oh, so, do Indians. Yeah, Indians drink a lot.”

“What’s the drink of choice in India?” DeGeneres enquired.

Priyanka said: “Well, mine is…red wine. Because it is elegant and appropriate to say on the show. Because it airs in India, twice a day.”

Priyanka, who was seen essaying an FBI agent named Alex Parrish in the first season of the American drama series, is now portraying a CIA agent in its second season, which airs in India on Star World and Star World HD.

She is busy shooting for the second season in New York.

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