Procession and Public Meeting Mark 1st Death Anniversary of Vinayak Baliga

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Procession and Public Meeting Mark 1st Death Anniversary of Vinayak Baliga

Mangaluru: The first death anniversary of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga was held at the CBEU Jubilee Hall, in a unique way by taking a procession from Car Street, near the Venkataramana Temple to the venue, here on March 21.

Prior to the public meeting, a procession was held from Car Street, near the Venkataramana Temple. Baliga’s sisters stopped in front of the Temple and prayed to Lord Venkatramana to give justice. The gathering marched in a procession towards the spot where Vinayak Baliga was brutally murdered, later they proceeded to the CBEU hall.

The public meeting began with a silent prayer. DYFI Secretary Santhosh Bajal welcomed the gathering.

The convenor of the public meeting Prof Narendra Nayak speaking on the occasion said, “When Vinayak was murdered we thought that there was the builder’s lobby behind the murder but when we studied the case deeply, we realised that Vinayak Baliga was murdered in connection to the issue of Kashi Math. From past one year, we are fighting to get justice. Today when we organised this public meeting, many people wanted to take part in the 1st death anniversary of Vinayak Baliga who was brutally murdered. But most of them are afraid. Today I see only a few of them who dared to come out and attend the first death anniversary of Vinayak Baliga. When I asked Vinayak’s sister to invite people by giving them the pamphlet of Vinayak’s first death anniversary, they were even afraid to receive the pamphlet from Anuradha Baliga’s hand.”

Prof Narendra further said, “When the accused was arrested, we requested to conduct a brain mapping test but the accused refused to undergo the Narco analysis test. If the person is innocent and not involved in any crime, why will he refuse to undergo the narco analysis test? Today Vinayak’s sister appealed to the court to pass the order for the accused to undergo Narco Analysis test. We will fight till we get justice and see that those involved in the murder will be put behind bars. Some people are spreading rumours that I am also involved in extortion. Some people are afraid to come forward and support the right cause, some others say that they are with me in my fight. But sitting inside the four walls and speaking in favour will not help the cause. They should come out and fight against such crimes. Some people are even spoiling Vinayak Baliga’s name saying that he was a big fraud.”

Prof Narendra urged the people to join hands so that Vinayak Baliga’s family gets justice. He also thanked those who attended the programme and prayed for Vinayak’s soul.

Dr P V Bhandary speaking on the occasion said, “RTI Activist Vinayak Baliga was a fighter, we can call him the present Bhagat Singh of Mangaluru. Because he fought against corruption and he was an upright man. Many people were criticizing him saying that he was the most corrupt person and number one extortionist. But when I asked a reliable police officer about Vinayak Baliga, he said there was not a single complaint against Vinayak Baliga, he was fighting against the misappropriation of funds. He was murdered for fighting against corruption. But people were spoiling his name after he was killed. This year people have gathered to fight against the injustice towards Vinayak Baliga’s family, next year we should not hold another such programme demanding justice to Baliga’s family, those involved in his murder should be arrested and punished severely before next March. We should congratulate Prof Narendra Nayak because, at this age, he has the courage to come forward and stand with the bereaved family and help them to get justice.”

DYFI former president Purush, Prof Dr Panditharadya, DYFI district president Dayanand Shetty, M Devadas, T R Bhat, Anuradha Baliga, Vasudev Uchil and others were also present.

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Truth Seeker
7 years ago

Fully agree with Mr.Baliga’s family. Those who planned/killed him should be brought to justice.