Protest Against Ban on Kambala gains Momentum with ‘Hakkotaya’ at Moodbidri

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Protest Against Ban on Kambala gains Momentum with ‘Hakkotaya’ at Moodbidri

Moodbidri: The Kambala Committee under the able leadership of former minister Abhaychandra Jain staged a protest ‘Hakkotaya’ to retain the traditional sport of Tulunadu Kambala at the Kadalakere Nisargadhama, here on January 29.

Prior to the protest, a rally was held from the Swaraj Maidan, Moodbidri which culminated at the Kadalakere Nisargadhama.

More than 100 pairs of buffaloes marched in the protest. Thousands of Kambala lovers gathered at the Swaraj Maidan to take part in the protest rally. MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, Former minister Abhaychandra Jain, Former minister Vinay Kumar Sorake, Amarnath Shetty, Mithun Rai, Akshith Suvarna, Ashwin Pereira, Yogish Shetty Jeppu, Satyajit Suratkal also joined the rally and showed solidarity in retaining the Kambala.

Addressing the gathering Abhaychandra Jain said, “Our intention is to hold a campaign to lift the ban on Kambala. Kambala has a history of more than 1000 years and it is a traditional sport of Tulunadu. We will fight till the ban on Kambala is lifted.”

Abhaychandra Jain also said, “The Kambala is supposed to start from February but due to the ban we have not fixed any particular date. We respect the court orders but at the same time, we are also ready to go to any length to retain the Kambala. The chief minister of Karnataka has also rendered his full support for the Kambala. We should be united forgetting caste, creed and party difference and fight until we get justice. In the coming days, the government should give priority to the traditional sports Kambala”.

The general secretary of the District Kambala Committee Gunapal Kadamba said, “Devanoor Mahadeva, Dr Siddalingaiah, and Doreswamy have compared Kambala as a sport with cruelty towards animals. Devanoor has also said that the Kambala not only abuses the buffaloes but also the person who runs along with it. We need to invite Devanoor for the Kambala so that he may gain the necessary knowledge regarding the sport.

Gunapal further said, “Doreswamy has said that Kambala is not a traditional sport but is like gambling and people who organize Kambala do not have any concern for the animals. On January 29, a protest will be held in the Bengaluru freedom park and we will let Doreswamy understand our tradition. We the people of Tulunadu deeply respect our culture and tradition.”

Sashikanth Mani Swamiji of Balekodi Math speaking on the occasion said, “Kambala is our right and tradition. We hold Bhutaradane as well as Nagaradane, likewise, the people of Tulunadu also have a religious angle with the Kambala. Let us all join hands to retain our culture, tradition and the Kambala”.

Tulu film star Devdas Kapikad speaking on the occasion said, “In Tulunadu, we give importance to Kambala because it is related to agriculture. But imposing a ban on Kambala saying that it is cruelty against animals is a not fair. We all should be united to retain Kambala. If the ban on Kambala will not be lifted, I along with other celebrities will stop producing films and join the protest”, he warned.

President of District Youth Congress Mithun Rai said, “We will not allow the PETA to enter Tulunadu. We respect the order of the Supreme court, but we will fight until we get justice.

The protesters demanded the state government to bring an ordinance to hold the Kambala as it has a long history, being a traditional sport which is part of the Tulunadu culture. Protesters shouted slogans against the PETA and demanded to lift the ban on Kambala.Celebrities from Kannada and Tulu film industries also rendered their support and participated in the protest.

DCP Law and order Shantharaju, ACP Rajendra D S, Moodbidri Inspector Ramachandra Nayak, Inspectors and sub-inspectors from various police stations were also present. More than 300 police personnel were deployed to maintain law and order in Moodbidri. All measures to avoid any untoward incidents were in place during the protest.

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  1. All the political leaders and citizens who never bothered to to do anything about tons of garbage in their town/cities are not out in public demanding right to abuse innocent animals. All in the name of ‘traditions’ – an excuse for irrational behavior. This is depressing.

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