Puttur: Mistaken Identity – Man Presumed Dead Returns Home Days after Final Rites!

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Puttur: A man who had been presumed to have died and whose body was claimed by the kin for final rites appeared alive by returning home. His family members were partly shocked but absolutely happy thereafter.
Shakeel and Sammu involved in mix-up

Sammu (50) of Paltadi village in the taluk used to leave home for months together and then reappear to stay for some time. This has been happening repeatedly in the recent past.

Recently, when he had not turned up for quite long and a thorough search had failed, the family members spotted an announcement in the media showing the face of a person for the purpose of identification by his kin. The man in the picture, whose name was given as Shakeel, closely resembled Sammu in many ways, including a half-closed eye.

Hence the family members arrived at the district Wenlock hospital and claimed the body. They took it home and conducted the final rites.

A few days later, Sammu was found safe and alive in Javagal. The police from here and brought him home. Although embarrassed over the mix-up, the people at home were happy about his return. They informed the Wenlock hospital about the mistaken identity.

However, the man whose final rites were conducted by the family earlier has still remained unidentified.

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