Qatar: Konkan Toastmasters Club’s Gala Celebration

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Qatar: Konkan Toastmasters club chartered in 2005 has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years. Under the headship of President TM Riana Pinto and her dynamic executive committee the club has witnessed tremendous success. It was a moment of pride for all the members of the club to witness the accolades bagged by the club. The dignitaries of the Area, Division and District were brimming with pride as they heard the success story of the club on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

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The Distinguished Club Program helps clubs promote quality, ensure productive meetings, provide structure and guidance and increase the enthusiasm of the club. Every year, Toastmasters International recognizes high-performing clubs. Konkan club has achieved ‘President’s Distinguished’ stature in the past many years. But this year for the first time in history, Konkan Toastmasters club notched a 10 on 10 in the Distinguished Club Programme.

Konkan Club members were on a roll this contest season. TM Jonathan Sequeira, TM Denzil Fernandes and TM Anas Ahmad bagged 7 out of 9 awards at the Area level contests. At the Division level contests, TM Denzil Fernandes secured 2nd place in the International speech contest and TM Jonathan Sequeira secured 1st place in both Table Topics and Evaluation speech contests. He furthered on to the District level contest where he brilliantly secured 3rd place in the Evaluation speech contest competing against the intense winners of 7 countries – Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Lebanon, UAE, Oman and Kuwait. It was again for the first time in the history of Konkan Toastmasters Club where a member had reached and won at the District Level Contest.

05-toastmaster_qatar_doha. AG Joseph 07-toastmaster_qatar_doha. AG Mou 08-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Farewell 09-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Recognition 10-toastmaster_qatar_doha. ExCom 11-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Farewell-001 12-toastmaster_qatar_doha. IMG_0659 13-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Celeb 14-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Charter Members 15-toastmaster_qatar_doha. ExCom2 16-toastmaster_qatar_doha. KTM Presidents 2005-15 17-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Jovita 18-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Chris 19-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Chris - RISE 20-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Riana 21-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Jon 22-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Joseph 23-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Melvin 24-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Mou Bera AG 25-toastmaster_qatar_doha. Group

Apart from the contest, the club’s members have shone in their Leadership roles as they served as Division and Area officials. TM Joseph Stanley as Assistant Division Governor Education and Training for Division Q, TM Christopher Almeida as Area Governor for Area 52, TM Mou Bera as Area Governor for Area 68 and TM Melvin Buthello as Area Governor for Area 44. All the three Area Governors were efficacious in adding a new club to their respective areas. TM Christopher Almeida and TM Melvin Buthello succeeded in attaining ‘President Distinguished Area’ stature for their Areas. TM Christopher Almeida was the only Area Governor who released a newsletter titled ‘RISE’ for his Area. The club acknowledged their incredible energies and services towards the Toastmasters community. Division Governor, Division Q and Lieutenant Governor Marketing, District 20 also acknowledged at the Quest Nite held recently, the triumph of Konkan Club and its members and conferred the following awards:

• TM Joseph Stanley- Award of Excellence for an excellent job done as ADGET, Division Q.
• TM Mou Bera – Award of Excellence for her good performance as Area 68 Governor, Division Q and Area Rescuer Award for Area 68 for Creating a new Club and saving a weak club.
• TM Christopher Almeida (Past President) – Award of Excellence for his good performance as AREA 52 Governor, Division Q, Area Governor of the Year in Division Q, Special Citation Award from Division Q Governor in recognition for his hard work, Dedication and diligence and District 20 (Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, UAE and Kuwait) excellence Award from Lieutenant Governor, Marketing.
• TM Melvin Buthello (Immediate Past President) – Felicitated for his good performance as AREA 44 Governor, Division E and Golden Club Mentor Award for Mentoring a New Club.
• DTM Sampath Sowrirajan – Felicitated for achieving the Distinguished Toastmaster Title this term and being the first to do so in Division Q.
• TM Riana Pinto (Current President) – Division Governor’s Award, Division Q for Oustanding club (Konkan Toastmasters Club) for Educational Achievement 2014-15, Award of Excellence for her good performance as President, Division Q and Best Volunteer Award for going the extra mile to make COMMUNIQ a grand success, Division Q.
• TM Jovita Pereira (Current VP-Education) – District 20 Perfect 10 Club Achiever Award 2014-15, Konkan Toastmasters Club, District 20 – Club Fast Track Communicator award 2014-15, Konkan Toastmasters Club and District 20 – DCP Achiever Award 2014-15, Konkan Club
• TM Jonathan Sequeira (Current VP-Public Relations) – Felicitated by Division Q Governor for securing 3rd Place in Evaluation Contest at District 20 (Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, UAE and Kuwait) and Division Governor’s Award, Division Q as the Editor for the Newsletter “IMPRINT”, (Konkan Toastmasters Club) for term 2014-15.

The Outstanding Toastmaster Award is determined by a point system based on Attendance, Participation, Contribution and Presentations done within & outside the club. TM Denzil Fernandes (First Place), TM Jonathan Sequeira (Second Place) and TM Anas Ahmad (3rd place) attained this award.

The ceaseless support from Wilfred Fernandes, Manager, Ghanem Gardens was whole heartedly appreciated by presenting a bouquet which was accepted on his behalf by his wife TM Mable Fernandes.

After such an action-packed and fruitful year, the current officers stepped down and new officers took on the responsibility of running the club ahead and taking it to much greater heights. Area 68 Director Elect, TM Sushmita Patnaik, conducted the Installation Ceremony of the new officers for the term 2015 – 2016. TM Jonathan Sequeira will head the newly elected committee. The other members of the committee are: TM Vanessa Pereira as VP-Education, TM Denzil Fernandes as VP-Membership, TM Anas Ahmad as VP-Public Relations, TM Vanessa Pearl Pereira as Secretary, TM Aloysius D’Souza as Treasurer and TM Royston D’Souza as Sergeant-at-Arms.

Before the baton of the club was handed over to TM Jonathan Sequeira, TM Riana Pinto credited the contributions of the past 10 Presidents who have served the club over the past 10 years.

If you have always wanted to try your hand at public speaking but did not know how, come and attend a Toastmasters meeting. It will be a rewarding and fun experience. Konkan Toastmasters meet on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 7:15 p.m. at the Ghanem Gardens Clubhouse. Please call on 66118551 for details.

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  1. Congratulations are extended to the Konkan Toastmasters Club which has completed ten glorious years in Qatar with various Distinctions. Awards and Rewards added with official recognitions with Annual gatherings are all important features of a good Toastmasters Club that strives to uplift each and every member to their best potentials. There are so many hidden talents and abilities that an individual has in possession that an Institution such as Toastmasters International can discover during the course of time and elevate the enthusiasm of a group of leaders and communicators.

    The word “Konkan” does bring a great deal of pride to all those that belong to the Konkan land in India. Mangalore takes the pride in uplifting so many variety of leadership gifts to far distant lands and promotes the value of friendship added with respect to one another regardless of our culture, faith, religion and even profession. Mangalore had the pleasure of Toastmasters display for nearly 25 years and has produced some of the best leaders in and around the Community that has made Mangalore so vibrant and lively than ever before.

    As and when any of you visit Mangalore do make it a point to inform many of your friends in Mangalore so that many of you will be able to share your talents and your friendship with many of your Konkan friends. In fact, the District 92 Conference in November will take place at the Ocean Pearl Hotel and if some of you can manage to be in Mangalore please do so and be part of your community that strives to be on the world map with some of the best clubs in and around Mangalore.

    Best of luck to you, dear Riana, and keep up the good work. God bless

    • Dear Max & Jessie Rasquinha,

      Thank you very much for your wishes and encouraging words. Yes it is always a pride to be part of Konkan Toastmasters club and associate the name with konkan land. Toastmasters International has given the opportunity to many explore their talents and build new leaders and communicators in our society.

      Thank you for the information regarding the District 92 conference in Mangalore.. it would be a nice opportunity to meet and greet toastmasters of Mangalore too.

  2. Congratulations ! Konkan Toastmaster for the Gala celebrations as well as congratulations for the various awards received by various individuals ! My special hearty congratulations to Mr. Anas – My ex Boss and Project Manager . Nice to see him along with other Toastmasters . Also Nice to see ex-President Mr. Oliver Pereira among others over the photo., who was my schoolmate and friend back in Udyavar, India. This will surely help and uplift the hidden talents of the individuals. Wish you all the best for the future.

  3. Hearty Congratulations “Konkan ToastMasters”

    Happy to see the club growing and proud that I was associated with such a awesome club.

    Best of luck to the entire team and wish you more success and fame , let there be more young speakers shining out confident through you.

    God bless Mrs. Raina /Konkan Toastmasters!

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