Quench Your Thirst, Satisfy Your Hunger at Roy-L ‘Santa Maria Stores’

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Quench Your Thirst, Satisfy Your Hunger at Roy-L ‘Santa Maria Stores’

Quench Your Thirst, Satisfy Your Hunger at ‘Santa Maria Stores’,- a Roy-L Mineral Water and Hangyo Ice Cream outlet, now open at Kalpane, near to Kulshekar Post Office, Mangaluru- a business venture of Roy Castelino (Former President of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, and a builder); and Lawrence D’souza- a young entrepreneur.

Mangaluru: Poet W H Auden had once said, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”, and so its very much true that Water, is indeed a source of life. Water and culture are strongly interlinked. Water is a vital source of life, and culture greatly determines a person’s ‘way of life’. This includes the way people manage their water resources, having adapted themselves to the environment in which they live. Water has played a more or less prominent role in cultures, depending on the environmental conditions people had to face. However, in today’s societies we often see a revival of old traditions and a more natural and sustainable use of water. Finding the right mix between ‘old’ and ‘modern’ practices helps to find sustainable solutions to cope with climate change.

Without water we can not exist. The body can survive weeks without solid food but only days without water. Our body consists mainly of water, the basic for physiological reactions and metabolic support. Thus, in order to keep fit and healthy we should provide to our body the amount of water that it requires daily to avoid dehydration. Water also plays an important role in the dissolution and transport of various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals or carbohydrates and oxygen and contributes the elimination of toxins through the kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs. The minimum amount of water necessary for the human body is 5 liters in 24 hours, of which about 2 liters are for water consumption. And for that matter, you don’t have to worry about the shortage of water for your consumption, because there is plenty supply of water at the new mineral water venture launched by Roy Castelino Mangaluru after his remarkable success in the construction line, along with young businessman Lawrence D’Souza. Their aptly named ‘Roy-L Beverages’ at Baikampady industrial area was inaugurated on Saturday June 10.

And today, 19 June 2017 their First outlet of Roy-L Mineral Water was inaugurated at “Santa Maria Stores” located at Kalpane, near Kulshekar Post Office, Mangaluru- where you can not only buy Roy-L mineral water bottles in the size of 2 ltr,1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, and 20 lite jars (for home, office etc) , but also variety flavors of Hangyo Ice Cream products. Santa Maria Stores also serve variety of fruit juices, and very soon, “Sugar Cane Juice” will be added, which will be managed by Sandeep Monteiro, friend of Roy and Lawrence. Xerox service is also provided at the Store. “Santa Maria Stores” was blessed and inaugurated by Fr Victor Machado, parish priest from Holy Cross Church, Cordel/Kulshekar, while Simon Miranda, vice-president, Hangyo Ice Cream Pvt Ltd inaugurated the ice cream sales counter by cutting the ribbon; and Lawrence D’Souza, managing partner of Roy-L, inaugurated the retail counter of mineral water.

Welcoming the gathering, Roy Castelino said, ” Finally my dream has come true- I always wanted to open a business of this kind, and finally after thirty years it has materialized- and also coinciding with the age of my young friend and partner Lawrence D’souza, who is thirty years old. Decades ago I owned a xerox shop, and to bring back the memories of those days, I have included Xerox service at this new business. Along with our Roy-L water products, we have joined hands with Hangyo Ice Cream products, to sell their vast varieties of milk and ice cream products, which are popular these days- and since the Managing Director of Hangyo, Pradeep G Pai has been a close friend of mine, and was a great supporter of Konkani Sahitya Academy during my tenure as the president of the academy, and it is my pleasure to sell his products at this store. Since water is the main source of life after air, me and Lawrence thought of launching this venture, for which we both ask for your support and patronize our business”.

Addressing the audience, Simon Miranda said, “Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd., is a flagship company of Srikrishna Group, which is a Rs.100 crore entity with interests spanning various sectors like milk and milk products, ice creams and fresh foods, restaurants and hospitality. We have the distinction of being the first organized private sector venture in milk industry in Karnataka state; and also Karnataka’s first private ice cream manufacturer in the organized sector. Hangyo Ice Creams has introduced an unique retail format which has enabled the brand to remain consistently successful. In view of overwhelming response from the channel partners and also the consumers, Hangyo Ice Creams has embarked on a major expansion drive which will result in increased capacity and bigger market share. We are glad to have our 27 outlet inside this store, and feel proud to be associated with our great friend Roy Castelino, and his young entrepreneur Lawrence Dsouza. Wish them both best of luck and success”.

Fr Victor Machado said, ” What a combination- water and Ice Cream under one roof. We all know that when we go to a Ice Cream parlour, you are served water first, and then comes the item you ordered. Similarly when you shop here at Santa maria stores, also buy Roy-L water along with your favorite ice cream item. Roy and Lawrence have chosen a venture which will benefit all humans who depend on water as one of their life source. I wish both these entrepreneurs all success in their new venture,and and may they open many more such outlets in and around Mangaluru and beyond”.

Expressing his thoughts, Lawrence D’souza said, ” Being a friend of Roy for so many years, and also being closely associated in various events conducted by Konkani Sahitya Academy, I always wanted to start a business with him- and here is my dream which has come true. I am indeed blessed to be associated with such a humble person like Roy, and he is truly my role model. I am extremely thankful to Roy for giving me an opportunity to join with him in this venture, and I look forward for all the support from you all.”

The other dignitary on the dais was John Dias, owner of the building (his wife Carmelita ‘Dias’ Sequeira also attended the function), and the occasion was also graced by Denny and Radhika, wife and daughter of Roy respectively; along with relatives, well-wishers and friends. The event was compered by Vittori Karkal, where he during the vote of thanks briefed about the various inaugural discounts on the water and Ice Cream products. And on the lighter side of vein he said, ” We have Lawrence’s special- your 30 ml of your favorite booze, will go well with 70 ml of Roy-L water added with minerals. So celebrate-Cheers!”


Kalpane, Near Kushekar Post Office, Mangaluru-5
Phone : 0824-223-2707

About Roy-L Beverages, manufactures of Roy-L Mineral Water:

Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza, Bishop of Mangaluru diocese blessed the ceremony and inaugurated the Roy-L mineral water plant at Industrial Estate, Bikampady on 10 June 2017. The chemical lab in the plant was inaugurated by Gokuldas Nayak, Joint Director of District Industries Centre, while the microbiology lab was inaugurated by Kavita Sanil, Mayor, Mangaluru City Corporation.

In his inaugural speech, the Bishop Dr Aloysius had said, “Roy and Lawrence are the best partners. They have been together in social and community activities from so many years. They are supportive of each other and the good friendship has today made them partners in a new business. I am sure that they will taste success in their new venture also. They need support from all of us. Everyone needs water, but nowadays there is shortage of clean water and so people are consuming bottled mineral water. Understanding this situation, Roy and Lawrence have started their mineral water plant. It is good for all. We all know that dangerous epidemics are spreading due to water pollution. The only solution to escape from this danger is consuming clean mineral water. I wish all the best to Roy and Lawrence and all success in their business,”.

Roy-L is a state-of-the-art mineral water 5000 sq ft plant, which is one among the only few that add mineral additives like Magnesium Sulphate and Potassium Bicarbonate, and using pure treated water, which undergoes various lab tests before manufacture process. The manufacturing process included Reverse Osmosis, Ozonisation and UV Treatment, then the bottles are filled with water through the sophisticated machines, labelled/batch coded and then wrapped. 20 litre jars are washed automatically with cleaning solution, and not cleaned manually. Per hour nearly 1300 nos of 2 ltr; 1800 nos of 1 ltr; 2400 nos of 500 ml; and 3000 nos of 250 ml water bottles are produced.

“At present 1 ltr water bottles are moving fast, next to 500 ml size. After production of 100 bottles, microbiology/chemical test is done in our lab by qualified and experienced lab tech. Nearly 20 different tests are done before the process of water manufacture” said Managing partner of Roy-L, Lawrence D’souza.

Roy-L Beverages

Baikampady Industrial Estate, Mangaluru

Phone: 0824-2409770; Consumer Care Cell : 8548887700; 9739789770; Email: roylwater@gmail.com

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