Rachana honours ‘Macho’ ACP Valentine D’Souza and Banker John D’Silva

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Rachana honours ‘Macho’ ACP Valentine D’Souza and Banker John D’Silva

Mangaluru: RACHANA, formed in 1999, is the Mangalorean Catholic Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mangaluru. Its objectives are to Represent, Develop, Educate, Honour, Award and Promote the interests of Catholic Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Agriculturists hailing from Mangaluru spread all over the world. Their Mission is: To form a representative organization of Christian Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Agriculturists of all categories; To promote fellowship brotherhood among members; To encourage and promote entrepreneurs in generating employment potential, especially for youth and to encourage and assist new entrepreneurs by promoting their activities in the field of business, trade, industry, services and professionals; To develop, promote and update technical managerial, entrepreneurial and financial knowledge, information, know-how and skills of members and others, and to guide and assist the members and others in their entrepreneurial problems. These are some of the many things Rachana does, as may be consistent with or expedient to the furtherance or attainments.

RACHANA has, over the past 18 years, introduced and taken forward the following activities – to promote its noble objectives: like Rachana Awards (Rachana’s Flagship Activity)- to recognize and honour; Rachana Entrepreneur Development Cell – to Develop and Support budding entrepreneurs; Rachana Senior Citizens’ Welfare Trust – to Improve the quality of life of senior citizens; Lecture Meetings – to Congregate, Educate and Inform Members; Publication of “The Rachana World” – A Quarterly Newsletter – to Educate and disseminate information; Interactive meetings with State and Central Governments; and also in the past has honoured/felicitated various achievers in their respective fields – and today, March 5, Rachana felicitated two individuals- one in the field of law enforcement and other in the field of Banking Industry.


Rachana- the Catholic Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a felicitation programme at Hotel Suman Residency on Sunday, 5 March 2017 at 7pm , where they honoured Valentine D’Souza- Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mangaluru, for receiving the President’s Medal from the President of India; and professional and quintessential banker John D’Silva, Mumbai, for being the recipient of New Year Award 2017 from Manipal University, Academy of General Education, and Syndicate Bank. The programme began with an invocation, followed by welcome address by Gilbert D’Souza- the president of Rachana.

After being felicitated by the board members of Rachana, Valentine D’Souza expressing his gratitude said, “It’s indeed an honour to be felicitated by this prestigious Catholic organization. Being in a law enforcement field I have committed myself for the safety and betterment of the society, by fighting against criminals and getting them apprehended and punished under the law. Fighting crime has been my motto, and I have tried my best in achieving my goals and satisfying my higher authorities. I am glad that the administration has recognised my work, and promoted me as ACP. And today while I have been honoured here, your love and support will be cherished by me forever”.

John D’Silva accepting the honour in his speech said, “I am delighted to note that Rachana is trying hard to encourage and promote entrepreneurs in generating employment potential, especially for youth and to encourage and assist new entrepreneurs by promoting their activities in the field of business, trade, industry, services and professionals. we need more Catholic youngsters to come up and raise the catholic community to greater heights. We don’t see many Catholic representatives in politics either, other than Oscar Fernandes, MLC Ivan D’Souza and MLA J R Lobo, a few among others. We should not be job seekers, but Job givers. Mindset is required to bring change in the society. Ache Din are yet to come, but in the meantime, we as Catholics need to work in unity and raise our Community to higher levels, and stand tall among other communities”.

Felicitation introduction of John D’Silva and Valentine D’Souza was done by Norbert Shenoy and Richard Rodrigues respectively. ‘Rachana January 2017’ bulletin was released during the occasion. Congress Chief Whip Ivan D’Souza also graced the occasion but had to leave early due to other prior commitment. The vote of thanks was delivered Eulalia D’Souza- secretary of Rachana, who also compered the programme.

About John D’Silva: ( as narrated by Norbert Shenoy)

When I went through the voluminous write-up on John D’Silva, which Marcel Monteiro, our erstwhile President of Rachana, gave me, to say that I was impressed would be an understatement. In fact, I was so impressed that I went to Google, thinking I could further embellish the achievements and the persona of this remarkable human being. But what the site provided, completely overwhelmed me. Well, I immediately decided to ruthlessly cut through much of the biopic, lest we miss our dinner and more importantly our fellowship!

Most of us walk through life smiling and life smiles back at us. We receive some kindness from our friends and neighbours and we return the same, in some measure. But once in a while, there comes a person, who intuitively realises, that there is a tide in the affairs of men, which when taken on flood leads to fortune. They have the uncanny knack of multiplying the kindness they receive 100 times and returning it to the community even in the face of adversity.

One such legend who is amongst us is John D’Silva, unassuming and self-effacing, yet known as the revolutionary in the co-operative banking field. A self-made man, but today he is recognised among others, by the RBI, The Indian Banks Association and Registrars of co-operative societies of States. But that doesn’t limit the sphere of activity of this versatile gentle colossus of our community. He supports many a cause such as education of youth, though “clubs” by providing affordable bachelor accommodation to those who want to pursue college education in Mumbai, creating employment opportunities for youth, promoting sports among youth, encouraging excellence through NTSC classes or organizing coaching classes to help our youth to be successful in civil service exams. He dreams of a Defence Academy for Coastal Karnataka so that youngsters of our community are adequately represented in the higher echelons of our defence forces. A shrewd management expert, he has struck fruitful partnerships in furtherance of worthy causes, with his own community members, Government officials. Ecclesiastical worthies, other institutions and NGOs. Come then, let us board the ‘Time Machine’ and have a journey backward into life and times of this remarkable man-

John D’Silva was born in Sanoor Village in Karkal in 1936, in a modest agricultural family, to Mr & Mrs Antony and Remedia D’Silva. He completed his Higher primary School trudging daily 10 kms on foot and then went off to Bombay, the then El-Dorado for our coastal youth, seeking greener pastures. There he pursued his education in either free night school, Morning or Evening Colleges and before long secured a B.A., B.Com., and LL. B. Armed with these degrees, John worked for the multinational, recognizedGlaxo Pharmaceuticals. But John was a born entrepreneur. Commitment to his fellowmen was part of his DNA. So he set up a school in his neighbourhood of Abhyudaya Nagar, in 1962. When a reporter asked him how he got this vision, he had no boastful explanation, just a quip: “Life’s struggles teach memorable lessons”.

From then onwards, there was no looking back. When he saw that even in the 1960s in a metropolis like Bombay, over 4000 families in his Abhyudaya Nagar were not having easy access to bank facilities and youngsters were parking their savings with shopkeepers, for want of better alternatives he approached quite a few leading banks, but in vain. He then decided, against all odds, to start The Abhyudaya Co-operative Credit Society, which has now transformed and recognised as a reputed Abhyudaya Credit Co-operative Bank. D’Silva became the chief promoter and first managing director of Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank, promoter and first managing director of New India Co-operative Bank, chief promoter and first chairman of Citizen Credit Co-operative Bank, and chief promoter and first chairman of Model Co-operative Bank.

He has been serving as the chief promoter and first chairman of Brahan MumbaiNagari Banks’ Association, promoter and founder director of Maharastra Urban Co-operative Banks’ Federation, director of National Federation of Urban Co-operative Banks and Credit Societies, New Delhi, president of Lokamitra Sahakari Mudrana Prakashan, honorary secretary and governing council member of Indian Banks’ Association, founder secretary of Banks Sports Board of Indian Banks Association, chairman of RBI committee on extension of Bombay Bankers’ Clearing House, and founder secretary of Abhyudaya education institutions.

Although a quintessential banker, D’Silva has shown that he is no mere administrator par excellence, but is someone who can shake the esoteric world of policymakers and cultural aficionados. He is actively involved as chief editor of Co-operative Bankers’ handbook, which the practicing co-operative bankers still regard as their bible; he is the chief editor of All India directory of Urban Banks, chairman of Mangalorean Catholic Education Co-operative Credit Society, chairman of Fudar Foundation, as well as founder director and deputy secretary of Christian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), vice president of Konkani Bhasha Mandal Maharastra and a governing council member of our own Mandd Sobhan – an organization to propagate and keep alive Konkani language, literature and culture.

He is sought after in the corridors of opinion makers and thinkers. He is serving as an advisory committee member of Reserve Bank of India College of Agricultural Banking ads is a visiting faculty at RBI training institutes, Well, as the good book says, one can’t light up a lamp and put it under a pillow. Awards, honours and citations have kept chasing this multifaceted but modest man. Let me cut the litany short by citing just a few of the awards that have been conferred on this distinguished man.

He has bagged the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year – 2005’ award by Rachana, Mangalore, ‘Lifetime achievement Award – 2008’ by Bangalore-based Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations, and ‘Top Achiever’s Award – 2008’ by Dr T M A Pai Foundation, Manipal. This then is our own John D’Silva, and in his case, it would be most appropriate to recall words from Longfellow’s Psalm of Life: “Lives of great men all remind us, That we can make our lives sublime, And living leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time!”

About ‘Bodybuilder’ Cum ACP- CCRB Valentine D’Souza: ( by Alfie D’Souza)

Every day when you browse through local websites or newspapers looking for crime news, chances are that you will come across the name ” Valentine D’Souza” quite often – and that’s because as a newly promoted Assistant Commissioner of Police-CCRB, handling Crime, Valentine D’souza, has been doing a great job in nabbing bad guys within a short period of time, who are either involved in murder, assault, theft, drugs, gambling etc etc. Team Mangalorean salutes this tough cop and hero Valentine D’Souza for his quick actions and investigations into criminal cases.

“Criminals hate him, Citizens like him”- that’s right. He sleuths into criminal cases as quickly as possible thereby apprehending the culprits who had committed the crime in no time – this also brings relief to members of families whose loved ones have been murdered or assaulted. He has successfully solved over dozens of criminal cases. Valentine a voracious reader, has mastered the moves of many fictional criminals, from Ra’s al Ghul to James Bond super villains; from authors Jeffrey Archer to Ed McBain. A policeman of the street, he built his network by making himself accessible; every constable, it is said, has his number and can call him anytime, day or night, even during wee hours. He has cultivated an aura “of quiet strength”, and in his presence, you believe all will be well.

In the execution of his duties, he has excelled himself and has been a shining example for others to emulate. His Dare Devilry in Investigation and arresting the culprits is a byword in the Department. During his posting at Panambur, he has shown exemplary courage in dealing with situations. He was an important member of the team involved in Naxal Combing at Karkal- and as a CCB-Managluru Unit Head then, he had been instrumental in rounding up nearly 20 henchmen of underworld don Ravi Poojary’s gang and confisticated pistols and live bullets. He has also confronted and arrested underworld Kingpin Vicky Shetty’s collaborators as well as Don Bananje Raja’s right hand Surya Kumar.

Valentine subscribes to the belief that police must have an approachable, non-threatening yet dominant presence on the street. His focus areas, he announced after taking over as ACP, he has called his appointment a dream-come-true, where he wants to get bad guys of the streets, and also work for the safety of women, as there are many crimes committed on females these days. He is as alert as he is friendly—interrogating gangsters, terrorists, paedophiles and the like, for a living. He always works in earnest, abolishing visiting hours and declaring police available at all times.

As he walks into his office, he greets everyone with a smile and hello, and I have experienced it when I met him few times in his hefty masculine figure but not framed uncharacteristically burdened by the full regalia of the uniform, but sometimes attired in casual jean pants, shirt and sports shoes. Looking at all his cases that he has handled very efficiently and systematically in the past, I can say that he is an ace investigator and interrogator. He is very passionate about his job. Police officers and staff love him. He leads from the front, and he always has. It is a reputation that D’souza has built since his appointment as CCB inspector and now promoted as ACP-CCRB.

As a police officer, it is important to stay in shape because the type of work they do is extremely hazardous. Police officers have to stay in shape for the safety of themselves and for the public that they serve and protect. At any given time they could be in a physical altercation that being in shape could be the difference between going home to their loved ones and not going home to them. But with a perfect body built through rigorous exercises, brisk daily walks and diet, and also being an active bodybuilder, Valentine D’Souza is a perfect person for the job that he is at the helm.

According to a reliable source, I came to know that when handling a culprit, Valentine D’Souza doesn’t use the third degree. He makes them speak up without breaking laws. Criminals don’t expect decency of this sort, so at first, they think he will go soft on them. But, with his past experience in law enforcement and handling various cases, he knows how to make people comfortable, he knows how to make them talk,” in his unique approach. There are also times that he had motivated and convinced persons involved in minor criminal cases, thereby make them change their characters, conduct and attitude.

Valentine D’Souza aka “Valenthi” was born in Sagar in Shimoga District on 18 February 1966, to Francis and Flora D’Souza. Completing his BA at L B College-Sagar, he joined the police academy, where he got appointed as PSI on 26 September 1994 and underwent training at karnataka Police Academy (KPA), Mysore. Valentine served as PSI in Udupi, Kota, Honnavar and Bhatkal, and served as a CPI/PI in Udupi (CSP), Bantwal, Chikkamagaluru, DCIB, Kundapur, Panambur and Karkal. He got promoted as a police Inspector on 16 October 2002.

Married to Laveena, he is a proud father of two daughters, Venisa and Lerisa, and a son, Velroy. Valentine was a body builder ever since his student life, having won many laurels and medals- he was a three time Mysore University Gold Medalist in Body Building during the year 1987-1999; three times Open State Gold Medal winner 1988-1990; also the recipient of Sri Durga Award 1987, Sri Shivappa Naika Award 1988, Pulakeshi Award 1988; he won Junior Mr India (Bharath Kishor) title at All India level in 1991, gold medal for three years in Mysore University; other than that he has actively taken part in state and national-level competitions.

While in the police department, Valentine has won the Udupi District Rajyothsava Award for Police Service in the year 2008, and also the Chief Minister Medal for Police Service in the year 2009. The Indian Fitness and Body Building Federation-Bangalore selected Valentine D’Souza to represent India at the Asia B B Championship 2014 held in the Philippines in August 2014. He was awarded MalenaduKreeda Ratna in 2016 and recently got the Upadhyaya Sanman at the hands of Pejawara Shri Shri Vishweshwara Thirtha Swamiji. During Republic Day, he received President’s Medal for Meritorious Service, from the President of India.

Valentine D’ Souza’s priority is to control the crime rate in the city. With the increasing number of crimes, underworld activities, kidnap and rape incidents, drug mafia, and other criminal activities in the city, he studies and sleuths into details step by step and takes necessary action to curb them. While D’Souza does his duty right, we should also support and protect our policemen.. they risk their life for us.. they are our representatives for war against terror, crime etc etc.. they keep us safe. Our Catholic Community should be proud to see one of its sons has been promoted to the Post of Assistant Commissioner of Police (CCRB)-Mangaluru.

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