Raddish Parrot


Parrots are the most common birds seen in zoo and circus. They come in variety of colors. Its fantastic intelligence and grasping power has made it a clever bird. It is capable of learning and analysing things taught to it.

Walking across the store, i found white raddish which exactly matched my imagination of carving a white parrot. So this time I carved a parrot out of vegetables.



First I carved the body of the parrot featuring its feathers and tail.

Carved the beak and toes out of carrot.

Placed the raddish leaves on top of the head of parrot depicting the crests.

Pierced the parrot on a half cut raddish to give it a support.

The green, white  and orange colors provide a lovely look while setting the table. And the parrot is now ready to greet us on the table!


Author: Rosanne DSouza- USA