Radish Mice

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I welcome you to the wonderful world of Fruit and Vegetable Carving.  It is  concerned with aesthetic values for I believe that food should please the eye as well as the palate.

One particularly delightful aspect of cuisine and the reflection of a more leisured age is the art of carving fruit and vegetables. This is a traditional craft which was popularised by the people of Thailand.

In the fruit carver’s skilled hands and using a small and very sharp pointed knife,  a radish may become a tiny mouse. Almost any kind of fruit or vegetable can be used. The carver must understand the texture of each and use its natural colour to imitate that of the chosen subject.

Why should someone bother to transform a pumpkin into a magic coach or a beetroot into a butterfly? The answer is  appreciation of beauty and craftsmanship, whatever the medium is!!!

Bon Appetite!

Author: Dr. K.B. Mallya

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