Radish Toadstool

Toadstool is a type of mushroom, “Acrid, agressive, aromatic, attractive, beautiful, big, bitter, bizarre, bleeding, breath-taking, brittle, colourful, co-operative, cosy, crotchety, decaying, deceptive, delicate, diabolic, discolouring, dripping, dusty, edible, elegant, fat, felty, fibrous, filthy, fine, fleeting, fleshy, flexible, foul-smelling, fragrant, freakish, funny, grotesque, hairy, hard, hollow, juicy, liquifying, milking, mind-blowing, mobile, musty, nasty, nice, parasitic, poisonous, rare, scaly, scurfy, shocking, slender, slimy, smelly, soft, sour, sticky, strange, striking, suspicious, tasty, tiny, tough, treacherous, usable, variable, velvety, wicked, wobbly…” Andr? of Netherlands
I have carved  Toadstool mushrooms out of Radish….simple and easy to carve and they can be used to decorate any type of  food items including salads….will make your guests comment and may even become a conversation topic…enjoy!!

Author: Dr. K.B. Mallya