It’s Raining Gold at MIA? Rs 64 Lakhs Worth Gold Seized in Nov Month

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It’s Raining Gold at MIA? Rs 64 Lakhs Worth Gold Seized in Nov Month

Mangaluru: In a statement released by Customs Commissioner Dr M Subramaniyam, gold valued over Rs. 64 lakhs smuggled adopting diverse modus operandi in six different cases was seized during the month of November 2017 by the Customs officials at Mangalore International Airport.

In the First case involving seizure of 803 grams of gold, gold powder was mixed with a chemical to form a gum and filled into the hollows of the sandals worn by him. In another case, a passenger had hidden four gold biscuits weighing 466.4 grams, under the arc of his feet, which were covered with foot bands and had then worn socks over it.

On the same day, another passenger intercepted was found to be in possession of 3 cut pieces of gold biscuit weighing 184.29 grams in the inner pocket of his trousers. The following day another case was detected where a passenger had concealed 4 gold biscuits weighing 466.5 grams in his rectum. In yet other two cases, two passengers had worn gold khadas, weighing 221 gms, which were coated with Rhodium to make it appear like steel.

The total weight of gold seized during the November month is 2.141 Kgs and valued at Rs. 64.38 lakhs. Among the six passengers intercepted for smuggling gold, three hailed from Kasargod, two from Bhatkal and one from South Kanara and all had arrived from Dubai. One passenger was arrested and investigation is still in progress in all the other cases.

The ingenious and varied modus operandi adopted by the passengers, while attempting to smuggle gold through Mangalore International Airport have been thwarted by the vigilant officers at the airport.

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  1. How can people from Kasargodu and Bhatkal be so thick? Somebody needs to explain to them how the x-ray machine works. The machine does not give a toss whether they hide it in their soles or inside their rectum.

    Because of these ****ers we have to go through stringent pat downs every time and they harass us even for normal coins.

  2. Statistics reveal that 99% Gold is smuggled comes mainly from Dubai into Mangalore, and those in possession are main carriers from Kasargod, as the value runs in lakhs and crores. Obviously, these Carriers are working for some Don from Kerala based in Dubai, and Mangalore Airport is the base for Kasargod smugglers.

    Despite repeated detection and catches, Gold is still being smuggled!

    Moreover, Kerala Gold shops too are opening up in Udupi and Mangalore.
    Therefore, it should not take a genius to figure out that this game is run by an intelligent well-connected syndicate.

    All that gold seized should be well utilized to develop Mangalore and Udupi Districts. Hope this is the case or one can wonder where does all that Gold go finally!

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