Ramakrishna Mission Shows the way for Better and Cleaner Mangaluru

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Ramakrishna Mission Shows the way for Better and Cleaner Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Eight week of 14 cleanliness drives of the 400 Abhiyans being organised by Ramakrishna Mission, Mangaluru took off on Sunday, the 27th November at 14 different locations in the city.




78 Balmatta – The students of St Agnes College under the banner, “Agnes Towards Community” took up the cleanliness drive near Collectors Gate at Balmatta. Swami Jitakamanandaji and K V Sathyanarayana jointly flagged off the drive. About 50 students under the leadership of Lecturer Chandramohan Marathe carried out the drive for about 2 hours. Harish Achar coordinated the team.

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79 Car Street – Team Inspiration under the leadership of Madan, SI, Bunder carried out the cleanliness drive in Govt. Women’s PU College at car Street. Swami Dharmavratanandaji and Srikar Prabhu jointly flagged off the drive. About 150 youth strived day and night since 2 days with all the preparations to give a much-needed facelift to the college. One group cleaned the premises of the college. Another painted the old buildings and halls with about 120 liters of paint. Sahil Kodikal, Pramod Karkera, Karthik Pumpwell and others actively participated in the drive.

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80 Attavar – The devotees and residents near Sri Chakrapani Temple carried out the cleanliness drive surrounding Attavar Katte. Dharmanna Naik and M S Kotian gave the green signal. The students of S M Kushe High school under the guidance of Prathim Kumar cleaned both sides of the road leading from Attavar Katte till Chakrapani Temple. Debris were cleared using JCB under the guidance of Anil Naik thus creating space for Autos to be parked. A bus stand was also renovated and painted in the area.

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81 Vithoba Temple Road – The students of Ganapathi High School took up the cleanliness work in V T Road. Nigam Vasani and Pravin P Kadle jointly flagged off the drive. About 120 students under the guidance of HM, Ranjitha Joshi and Ramachandra Naik cleaned the road leading from Temple Square till Yenapoya Hospital. Mahesh Bondala coordinated team.

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82 Mulihithlu – Members of Amba Maheshwari Bhajana Mandali carried out the cleanliness work in Tailary Road of Mulihithlu. Vasanth Kottary Vasanthi jointly flagged off the drive. A small but beautiful garden has been set up in the area which was prone to dumping of garbage. The members of Nivedita Balaga under the guidance of Rathna Alva and Vijayalakshmi visited houses door to door and created awareness among the locals and listened to their problems on the garbage disposal. Guruprasad and Punith actively participated in the drive. Seetharama A led the team.

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83 Hampankatta – The Members of Hindu warriors group carried out the cleanliness drive in Hampankatta area. Srikrishna Upadhyaya and Prashanth Ubarangala jointly flagged off the drive. They cleaned the area from Hampankatta circle till Railway station. The team under the guidance of Shivu Puttur cleared about 3 tippers of the debris and dirt lying in the drains near Wenlock Hospital. JCB was used to removes heaps of garbage near the roads. Yogish Karyathadka coordinated the team.

84 Mannagudda – The members of Art of Living carried out the cleanliness drive near Mannagudda Gurji. Dr Diwakar Rao and Sumana Kamath flagged off the drive. Surya Prakash and Vanamala led the team of 50 people in the drive. Jayanthi Achar, councillor was present.

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85 Yeyyadi – Team of friends forever under the leadership of Shubhoday Alva cleaned the Airport road in Yeyyadi. Dr Hansraj Alva and Dr Ravish Tunga waived the green flag. The drive lasted for 2 hours. Ashok Hegde, Devadas Alva and others actively participated in the drive.

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86 Chilimbi – The inmates of Govt. OBC womens hostel took up the Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan in Chilimbi area. Purnima C and Vandana Nayak flagged off the drive. Chilimbi main road and the weeds on the road dividers were cleaned. The heaps of garbage lying behind the bus stand was thoroughly cleaned. Purnima Kulal and Subraya Nayak guided the team. Vittaldas Prabhu coordinated the team of volunteers.

87 Jyothi – Youth of Silver Fox team took up the drive near Jyothi Circle area. Ashwath Kottari and Sachin More led the team, they cleared the flex banners in the road dividers & circles which were ruining the beauty and cleaned the roads nearby. Nihal Shetty coordinated the team.

88 Nireshwalya Road – Members of Nityananda Sahradaya Balaga cleaned the Nireshwalya Road. Madhav Kotian and Devaraya Kamath flagged off the drive. Roopesh and Madhav Shetty led the team in the drive for more than two hours.

89 Yemmekere – The members of Monkey stand friends took up the drive in Yemmekere area with the help of interested students of nearby schools under the guidance of Snake Papu Suvith and others.

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90 Thokkottu – Group of members from Veera Maruthi Gymkhana and Om Sri Paramjyothi Manava Seva Alavya cleaned the Thokottu bus stand and nearby areas. Ramachandra and Chandrakala flagged off the drive. They also painted the road dividers thus beautifying. Vithal Shriyan, Vedith Kumar and others coordinated the team.

91 Kalladka – Swacch Bharatha Nirmana Sangha and Srirama Vidya Kendra, Kalladka carried out the cleanliness drive in Kalladka for more than 2 hours. Ramesh Naik guided the team and they cleaned the market of Kalladka using grass cutting machine etc. Harsh A and Sunitha coordinated the team of volunteers.

Contact Swami Ekagamyanandaji, Co-convener for more details at 9448353162

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