Record usage of X during US presidential debate: Elon Musk

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Record usage of X during US presidential debate: Elon Musk

New Delhi:  Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Saturday said his social media platform X saw record usage as US President Joe Biden and his challenger, former President Donald Trump, attended their first presidential debate on TV.

According to X, the minute-by-minute conversation, about the US presidential debate spiked by “19 times from the start of the broadcast to its peak 90 minutes in.”

The company said the scale of the global conversation on X was staggering during the debate.

“We’ve tracked over 2 billion impressions with over 242 million video views and 2 million posts,” said the social media platform.

The tech billionaire stated that there was a “record usage of X during the US presidential debate.”

A user posted, “X was going crazy during the debate. X live streams during the debate also had huge audiences.”

“Amazing result of allowing people to speak about it freely, without the ban hammer of the ‘Censorship Complex’ hovering over them,” another X user commented.

Meanwhile, President Biden said he “did well” at the debate with ex-President Trump and dismissed the likelihood of him stepping aside, as being demanded by some Democrats disappointed by his performance.

“I think we did well,” President Biden told a reporter. Many Democrats, however, were concerned President Biden may not be able to beat former President Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.


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