Red wine helps Felicity Jones for crying scenes

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Los Angeles, Jan 17 (IANS) Actress Felicity Jones says drinking red wine helps her prepare for emotionally draining scenes.

The actress shared her unique way for preparing for emotional scenes, while talking on an episode of talk show “Conan”, reports

She said: “Weeks before you’re trying to practice and you’re looking in the mirror and you’re trying to stare because the ideal situation is to get that single tear that rolls down the face.

“I just resorted to the night before just drinking loads of red wine because then the next day you’re sort of in a slightly suicidal depressed state. For some reason red wine has this effect.”

The practice seemed to help the actress as she has been nominated for Best Actress Academy Award for her film “The Theory of Everything”.

However, the 31-year-old actress doesn’t recommend others to use her method.

“It’s perfect for doing really emotional scenes which I wouldn’t recommend to young actors. It’s probably not the best method,” she said.

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