Trrr? the alarm bell forces me out of my slumber! I drag myself to the kitchen to get the coffee brewing. The smell of brewing coffee seems to have done the trick and I am now awakened from my slumber. Gosh how I hate weekday mornings!! It means not being served bed coffee by my doting husband and start of another working day for me!

The coffee is working- from being in neutral, my minds now shifting gears to over-drive and thoughts being to race through it planning for the day. The television reports on the death of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister de-rail my train of thoughts – I now consider how lucky I am to see a new morning!  New thoughts being to flow from all directions- what must life feel like to those whose husbands/wives and near ones are no longer with them due to their demise? I for one don’t think that sipping on your first cup of morning coffee, will be the same when you are alone; nor will reading in bed at night!  Lady Bird Johnson rightly put it after the death of her husband Lyndon Johnson – “there’s no one to listen, or even say why you don’t call it a day??

A freak accident a few weeks back reinforced the belief, that life is not only the surprise gift you received on your birthday or, the dramatic instances in one’s life.  I think it’s more of the inconsequential everyday routine that we attend to with our loved ones, is that what really matters. I firmly believe it acts as the adhesive of our lives. The bonds that we share with our loved ones in life’s routine, is what make them dear to us and according to me, is the factor that makes us miss them when they are not around. Yet, we often complain how our lives lack that spark and how boring our lives are having a routine! In all of this, we tend to miss the fact that it is these routines that pin us together and like an army in battle we too are ready to face adversity.

I believe that it is the fine print; in the big book of life is what really counts. Let us not forget this in our rat race. Go ahead – hug your parents, spouses and children -tell them you love them.  Give your friend a call -we are lucky to have someone to talk to!  Better still mend fences with your enemies!  Take some time off from your hectic schedule, spend time with your creator, doing what you love to do and also start looking within yourself. It will surprise you what you find.   All this will I am sure will come in use when, you have to be the one to make the morning coffee and drink it all alone too! I’m rushing off to spend time with the one’s I love. What are you waiting for??

Author: Charmaine Albuquerque- India