Repair Road FIRST & Then Get Our Votes’- Warn Mary Hill Residents to MCC Council Election Contestants

Repair Road FIRST & Then Get Our Votes’- Warn Mary Hill Residents to MCC Council Election Contestants


Mangaluru : If former MCC Mayor and also the Corporator Ms Kavitha Sanil of this Mary Hill ward, Mangaluru, instead of going ahead with the Crore plus project of constructing the ‘NOT-NEEDED’ Clock Tower near Town Hall, Mangaluru, had spent that same money on this long-pending dilapidated road starting from Mount Carmel Central School till Sri Venkataramana Temple in Mary hill, we would have not seen this present outrage from the residents of this area. If former MCC Mayor Kavitha Sanil did a great job in raiding massage parlours and illegal gaming businesses, why did she turned a blind eye towards this pathetic road, which has put the commuters and motorists using this stretch of road in hardship for years.

With an attitude of “Enough is Enough”, the residents of this Mary Hill vicinity have raised their voices against the negligence of MCC and the Ward corporator towards repair of roads, footpaths etc, by putting up banners in the vicinity in the wake of forthcoming Mangaluru City Corporation Council elections to be held on 12 November 2019. One such banner hung near to Mount Carmel Central School (in Kannada) reads- “MCC Election is nearing. Dear candidates, you come to us seeking vote only after you have repaired the Mary Hill (adjacent to Mount Carmel school) to Sri Venkataramana Temple show us development. Repair the roads like you do when chief ministers or prime ministers arrive in the City. No VOTE for you until you show progress in our City”.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Srikanth Bhat Harikandige, an activist from Mary Hill area said, “This stretch of road from Mary Hill (Mount Carmel School) until Sri Venkataramana Temple has not been repaired nor asphalted for over two decades. Having numerous potholes on this road, it is creating hardship for pedestrians and motorists. Hence, we the residents of this area have joined together to hold a door-to-door campaign against such apathy. Let those candidates contesting from various political parties in the forthcoming MCC Council elections give us in writing that they will, if elected, repair the road”.

Ms Shanthi S R, who escorts her two children to Mount Carmel School speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “Is this what our City is boasting about Smart City, when they don’t even fix bad roads, which are putting the lives of people in jeopardy. This road having a bunch of potholes, and when they filled with rain water, motorists plying on this road splash water on the pedestrians. I used to take my two children to school on my scooter, but due to the pathetic and treacherous condition of this road, I accompany them on foot. It’s a very good move taken by the residents in raising their voices on this issue, which needs to be addressed by the concerned officials soon. I will definitely be one among others who will abstain from voting in the forthcoming MCC elections. No good road, No Vote!”

In the meantime, MCC Commissioner Shanady Ajith Kumar Hegde speaking to media had said, “Due to the recent heavy rains, work on this road, and many other bad roads in the City couldn’t be taken up. Once we have perfect weather we will start the repair work. And also due to election code of conduct, no development works could be done until the elections are over”. Okay, well said by the Commissioner- but how many monsoons and summers has this road seen so far? And every year, we hear the same comments from MCC, blaming on monsoons. Why didn’t MCC fix this road prior to start of monsoons? It has been excuses after excuses, but no positive action. Let’s see, if at least this time the road gets fixed, after residents have raised their voice through this No Vote method?

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This road is in a pathetic condition for many years. Krishna Palemar promised the road will be repaired and sold flats to us at Landlinks Pinnacle near the helipad. It’s been 6 long years and no proper road. Also, the rainwater from the Vikas college is flowing with full force on this road and during mansoon this road is a stream.

Sudesh pai

Do not vote only rosy pictures make the roads first then vote