Right Time to Impose Article 352 in State – Changappa

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Right Time to Impose Article 352 in State – Changappa

Government of murderers, not farmers – Suvarna on Ganapathi Suicide

Mangaluru: In light of the suicide of DySP Ganapathi, the JD(S) held a press meet at Hotel Woodlands here, on July 9.


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Addressing the mediapersons, District President of JD(S) Mohammed Kunhi said that the suicide of DySP Ganapathi is an unfortunate incident and shows how much harassment honest officials face in the state. “This seems like a Goonda government. Our condition is even worse than that of Bihar during its lawless time. What state have we been reduced to where officials are stopped in the middle of the road and threatened? If DCs and police officers have no protection, then how much safety can the common people expect? The CM has also openly told all the congress leaders to support K J George. The union government should intervene and sort this situation out,” said Kunhi.

Kunhi also said that the JD(S) would organise protests in the coming days if no action would be taken on K J George and the others named by Ganapathi.

Stating the failure of the law and order machinery in the state, President of Mangalore Bar Association, Changappa said, “Over the course of 3 years, the state government has given many bhagyas. But the biggest bhagya that they have given to the state is the ‘Kanna bhagya’. Due to the corruption during the BJP’s rule in the state, the people wanted a change and decided to vote the Congress to power. But what has the Congress done to stop corruption? Rather than stopping corruption, they have only increased it. There has been an increase in mafias, threats to administrators, etc. When you look at what happened to Mallikarjuna Bande, Kallapa, Rashmi, Mathias, and others, you can see that in Siddaramaiah’s government there is no place for honest officers.”

He further said that this was the right time to impose Article 352 in the state and declare an emergency. “When the police found Ganapathi, the first that they should have done according to protocol was to file an FIR. But they did not do that. Ganapathi had written two death notes, naming George and two officers as responsible for his act. Where are those death notes now? If an ordinary citizen does anything, it does not take more than 10 minutes for the police to file an FIR against that individual and arrest him. Why did they not arrest the three named by Ganapathi immediately?”

He also said that the Chief Minister wanted the CID to investigate the case, which is clearly a biased institution that would favor its political masters. “This case should rather be given to the CBI and a fixed time frame should be given to complete the investigation,” he added.

Speaking to the mediapersons, district JD(S) Youth president Akshith Suvarna said that the state government is not a “government of farmers”, but a “government of murderers”. “This government does not let honest officers thrive, it protects the interests of dacoits and mafias and perpetuates corruption. It even transferred the officer who was investigating Naresh Shenoy in the Baliga murder case,” he added.

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