Sorake distributes relief worth Rs 36.2 lakh to windstorm victims

Sorake distributes relief worth Rs 36.2 lakh to windstorm victims

Udupi: Former Minister and Kaup constituency MLA, Vinay Kumar Sorake distributed financial relief worth Rs 36.2 lakh to 141 victims who lost their houses in a wind storm that affected Bommarbettu, Perdoor and Bellarpady. In a programme organised at his office at Hiriadka here on July 7, Vinay Kumar Sorake said that the windstorm that affected three villages had ruined the lives of people.

The relief has been sanctioned for the houses which were totally and partially damaged. The 1.5-month-old child, Arjun who had sustained injuries during the windstorm is recovering. Hospital authorities have been directed to take appropriate measures.

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Sadhu Kulal, who assisted in clearing the trees which were uprooted due to the windstorm, had been severely injured. He was admitted to KMC Hospital. 10 loads of tiles were distributed to fix the damaged houses. The government will provide every possible assistance to the victims, assured Sorake.

Officials have initiated steps in building records and executing payments. Usually the distribution of relief and financial assistance is a lengthy process but in this case, the relief has been distributed within a week. The victims who have lost their houses will be provided with new houses constructed under the Indira and Basava Housing schemes. 52 new houses will be built under these schemes. The Executive Officer of Udupi Taluk Panchayat was also directed to initiate steps to construct new houses. The report furnished by the Tahsildar will be submitted to the Chief Minister for the release of funds from the CM’s Fund.

Sorake also said that in regard to the crops that were damaged in the three villages, a consultation is on with the horticultural department to release financial relief. “The victims need not fear. The government is with them and will help them. We will address your issues and initiate all the necessary step for your welfare,” he added.

Sorake lauded the efforts of district in-charge minister Pramod Madhwaraj, ZP and TP members and other public representatives, Udupi Tahsildar Guruprasad, Bramhavar Special Tahsildar Tippeswamy, the Revenue Inspector, PDOs and village accountants for effectively addressing the issues to help the victims.

Financial assistance was distributed in the form cheques to the victims. The victims lauded the efforts of Vinay Kumar Sorake in initiating steps to release financial assistance to carry out the repair work of their damaged houses.

14 Houses in Bommarbettu were totally damaged while 33 houses were partially damaged; in total financial relief worth Rs 19,99,350 was distributed to these 47 houses. 9 houses in Perdoor were totally damaged while 36 houses were partially damaged, and relief worth Rs 6,45,910 was distributed. 10 houses in Bellarpady were totally damaged while 39 houses were partially damaged, and relief worth Rs 9,75,884 was distributed to these 49 houses.

ZP members Chandrika Kelkar, Malathi, TP members Lakshminarayana, Vinod Kumar, Udupi Taluk Tahsildar Guruprasad, Bramhavar Special Tahashildar Tippeswamy and others were present.