Rita Ora doesn’t get jealous

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Los Angeles, July 3 (IANS) Singer Rita Ora, whose former lover Calvin Harris is now dating pop star Taylor Swift, doesn’t get jealous.

The “Poison” hitmaker says she isn’t worried about Harris, 31, moving on with someone else.

“I’m a girl’s girl. I’m not going to have that first instinct of jealousy vibe,” Ora told the Evening Standard newspaper, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

The 24-year-old beauty had previously shared things got “weird” between her and Harris after they released their joint track “I will never let you down”.

She said: “There was a reason why I split up with him… It was more of a thing where I was in awe. I was at that point in my relationship where I felt he could do no wrong. I thought he had my back and that he’d never steer me wrong.

“But then ‘I will never let you down’ came out, and everything started to go a bit weird. I don’t know if it was because business was mixed with personal or what.”

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