RKM Holds 12th Shramadan of 5th Phase of Swacchata Abhiyan

RKM Holds 12th Shramadan of 5th Phase of Swacchata Abhiyan

Mangaluru: 12th Shramadan of 5th phase of Ramakrishna Mission Swacchata Abhiyan was carried out in the Mannagudda & State Bank area from 7.30 am to 11.30 am on February 24.

The Shramadan was jointly flagged off at 7.30 am by MCC councillors Jayanthi Achar & Prakash Salian near Central Warehouse.

Speaking on the occasion, Prakash Salian said, “Unparalleled concern, efforts and continuity is the backbone of success of this Abhiyan. I have been witness to this Abhiyan since its inception & I vouch for the fact that the zeal since then has grown hundredfold. Many blackspots have been converted into beautiful parks to deter public from littering there. Mangalore City Corporation is also joining hands with the Ramakrishna Mission and this will make Mangalore a model city. I urge all the public to support this initiative.”

Captain Ganesh Karnik welcomed all the volunteers. Swami Ekagamyanandaji, convener delegated the service activities to all the volunteers. Aniruddh Nayak, Mohan Kottary, Pravin Shetty, Uma Prasad Kadekar, Smitha Shenoy and many other volunteers were present on the occasion.

Cleanliness Work by 6 teams:

Cleanliness work was taken up in Central Warehouse junction and the 4 road leading to it. The students of Nitte Physiotherapy College under the guidance of principal Dr Dhanesh Kumar cleaned the Lokayya Shetty Road & roadsides leading towards Mannagudda. NSS Students of GFGC, Kavoor under the guidance of lecturers Rekha S N & Mohini cleaned the warehouse roads. Students of St. Aloysius Evening College under the guidance of lecturer Kishore Chandra cleaned the road leading from Mannagudda to Lalbagh. Senior volunteers of the Abhiyan cleaned the drains and footpaths near warehouse circle. Preetham Mugil, Vikhyath & other volunteers removed the heaps of sand and stones lying by the roadside by using JCB & tippers. The neglected and dilapidated bus shelter was also thoroughly cleaned and painted giving it a facelift. Umanath Kotekar, coordinator coordinated the work.

Shramadan in Service Bus Stand:

To complete the cleanliness & renovation work started 2 weeks ago, this week too volunteers did shramadan in the service bus stand. Students of SVS College, Bantwala cleaned and painted the pillars in the bus stand and beautified them. Uday K P, Kiran Fernandes guided the volunteers. Till date 100 litters of paint have been used and 40 seats have been fixed, garbage bins and flower pots have been placed in the area to give an aesthetic look. Due to daily awareness drives in the area by volunteers, the black spots that were converted have continued to remain litter free zones. Sudhir Noronha, Punith Poojari, Jagan Kodikal, Satish & others worked round the clock in the last one week to ensure this.

Swacch Soch – Seminars in 16 colleges:

As a part of the ongoing Swacchata Abhiyan, Swacch Soch Seminars were organized in different colleges in and outside Mangalore. About 16 seminars were held in SDM Management College, Kateel Durgaparamshwari College, St. Aloysisus ITI College, Dr M V Shetty College, Mulki Vijaya College, Canara College, SDM Law College, SVS College Bantwala, Women’s College in Balmatta, Vamadapadavu First Grade College, Kavoor First Grade College, St. Aloysius College, and City Nursing College. Till date about 22 seminars have been organised. Discussions, Orientation, Interactions, Oath Taking, Demonstration of Pot Compost are the special features of these seminars. Prof. Rajamohan Rao, Gopinath Rao, Dr Nivedita, Rajina Dinesh, Prof. Bharathi Bhat, Suresh Shetty were resource persons. Swacch Soch convener Ranjan Bellarpady organised these seminars and Guruprasad Rao & Shreevatsa Neerchalu coordinated the programmes.

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  1. It is appaling that the construction contractors are still following the prctice of not clearing the debris. Instad of cleaning what cntractors left, influential and experienced among the RKM volunteers can find out who the contractor was. Name them, Shame them and ask them to clear the debris. If they still don’t clear their mess, the MCC should clean it and collect the clearance charges from them. If they fail to give fine, those contractos should be banned from any contract with MCC. This should be a strict policy. Without such harsh measures, Mangaluru will not remain clean no matter how much RKM does
    One more thing: If public throw the garbage, they also should be cught and puniched well. Having said that I feel ashamed because Managlore is always considered as intellectual and inteeligent people. But looking at the mess we create, I seriously doubt it.

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