Romantic Watermelon

I chose a Chinese watermelon to carve. Valentine’s Day being around the corner, I wanted something romantic and color red. What better fruit is there other than watermelon!
To start with I drew a picture of what I had in mind on paper. Once that was done, I sketched the same picture and heart on melon. I shaded the picture using marking pen.. I etched “Happy Valentine’s Day” and  made a cut around the main picture to a depth of approximately 1cm then another cut around the heart through the complete thickness of the melon.
I removed this part from the melon and from the edge of the heart I sliced off the green part of the melon to show underlying red meat of the melon. Having completed that, I cored out the melon and designed the edges. I cut through the letters, so inside red part of the melon could be seen.
Now I positioned the picture with the heart, in different locations and took photographs.
Hope you like it…..

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Author: Dr. K.B. Mallya- Canada