Ronaldo lashes out at press officers during interview

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Madrid, (IANS) Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo stormed out of an interview and shouted at two of his press officers here on Sunday after they interrupted him.

The three-time winner of the footballer of the year award, Ballon d’Or, walked out and blew up at the pair saying that they made him “look stupid”.

The Portugal striker was discussing the future of his club teammate Sergio Ramos when his media advisor interrupted and told him to wrap up the interview, reports

However, Ronaldo did not react kindly to it, stating that he was being “unfriendly” to the journalist and then thanked the interviewer and walked out, continuing to vent his frustration at the press officers.

“I am not insisting on anything, he is making me leave. Do you want me to be unfriendly with this guy,” Ronaldo asked the person interrupting the interview.

“You two are the ones who need to do this, man. This is making me look stupid in front of people,” Ronaldo said.

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