Rs 9 for 1 Kg Sugar! But Did You Read the Fine Print- ‘Offer Only on Shopping of Rs 1499 & Above’?

Rs 9 for 1 Kg Sugar! But Did You Read the Fine Print- ‘Offer Only on Shopping of Rs 1499 & Above’?

Rs 9 for 1 Kg Sugar!-but there’s Catch? Offer Only on Purchase of Items worth Rs 1499 and above. Always read the fine print when you shop mega stores which offer deals, which are nothing but tricky ways to attract customers and make their money in the name of sleazy offers. Avoid these sneaky tactics on your next trip to the supermarket and save some cash.

Mangaluru : Many of you might be careful while shopping a bunch of departmental stores or mega supermarkets, who offer great deals, but there is always a catch in their offers-which many of you might have experienced, but there are many…many shoppers out there who believe in all these special offers, not to alert in checking the fine print below all these offers. Trust me, there is no Mega departmental store or a mega grocery/supermarket, who are ready to lose money and offer great deals to their customers. They make big profits in what they sell, and just to show their courteousness and loyalty to their clients they come up with all these special offers-which are nothing but money making tactics in the name of offers.

Like recently a new mega supermarket has opened on Kulur Ferry Road, Chilimbi, near to Urwa Store-Mangaluru, and people have been flocking this store like they have never seen a supermarket or been to one. And the rush is so much, the footpaths around this store is seen occupied by cars and two-wheelers- and our lovely traffic cops have turned a blind eye towards it. Guess why? When there are three towing trucks with the City traffic department, why not make a trip on Chilimbi/Urwa side too- and not the same locations every time, like Bendorewell, Kankanady, Hampankatta and few others.

Yes there is good news for shoppers who want to shop at this new supermarket, since they have been offering inaugural deals like Rs 9 for 1 Kg sugar; Rs 9 for 1 Kg onion; Rs 9 for a coconut; Rs 9 for a packet of Yipee Noodles masala; and Rs 9 for polyset magic seal round 450 ml+170 ml-plus there are many Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals; 25% to 50% Off; sounds real good. But let’s talk about the deals of Rs 9 items offer. Many have taken for a ride by the advt of Rs 9 for 1 kg offer, where people not knowing that the Rs 9 offer on sugar, if only Rs 1499 worth of items are purchased. Similarly with the other four Rs 9 each offer on items, where to get those items at Rs 9, one has to buy Rs 999 worth of items. Bah humbug!

Don’t you think that the store makes enough profit on the purchase of Rs 1499 items, that they can afford to give 1 kg sugar at Rs 9? When you buy Rs 1499 plus worth of items, they should give the sugar FREE! Similarly, is the case when you buy Rs 999 plus worth of items, where the store has made enough profit, what’s the big deal in offering those four items at Rs 9 each. Nothing but playing tricks with their customers through these sleazy offers. Many a times shoppers not knowing that they have to buy Rs 1499 plus worth items to get the rs 9 deal, when they are the cashier get shocked to see a different amount charged for sugar- and OMG- there will be a drama between the cashier and the buyer?

Few days ago, a street vendor who was right in front of me in the cashier’s queue to pay for his items, where I noticed he had bought a bunch of 1 kg sugar packets, few coconuts, and few kgs of onion, and he seemed very happy that he had got all the items so cheap, that he could use at his street mobile canteen. Out of curiosity I asked him, do you know that you have to buy Rs 1499 worth of items to get 1 kg sugar for Rs 9, and buy Rs 999 worth of items to get the Rs 9 deal on onion and coconut. The man not only got surprised, but shocked, that he left his push cart with all the items in the queue, and took off like he is been chased for shoplifting?

Just imagine, if I had not informed him about the store’s tricks, there would have been a argument between him and the cashier on the prices. There are many customers who face this situation. Why can’t the store print the Rs 1499 purchase deal in big letters so people know, rather than print in small letters and make the customers bear all the hassles. This store is just one example, while there are many others in the City who take the customers for a ride with their sleazy offers.

I bet, many of you have dealt with this scenario before: you’re supposed to take a quick trip to the grocery store and two hours later you come home with tons of grocery bags and thousands of rupees gone from your wallet/purse or bank account. It’s no mistake; grocery stores actually strategize gimmicks to make you spend more money. Instead of being another victim of supermarkets’ games, keep an eye out for these slick tactics and keep your money in your pocket. And before you hit the store, be sure to read the fine print on the advertisement materials about the deals they offer. Anything labeled “free” would make you think that you’re saving money, but that’s not true. There’s always a catch in it?

I hate to burst your cruelty-free bubble, but some of those cage-free eggs aren’t actually cage-free. Some factories just use bigger cages that can be considered a “cage-free” environment, which jacks up the price of those eggs at little cost to the farmer. Have you experienced it? Also supermarket stores have slowly been expanding the sizes of their carts. The reasoning behind this cart size increase is so you load up more food in your cart without even noticing! To make sure you don’t overindulge at your next grocery trip, try using a shopping basket instead to limit the number of items you can grab- like I do always. Every cash register is lined up with candy, soda, magazines, and other tiny items you would never think to pick up. Grocery stores place easy-to-grab items near the register as impulse items so you can quickly add them to your cart.

Also in some stores, the first place you look when searching for a product in an aisle is eye-level. Supermarket owners know that, so they place the priciest items in the middle shelves. To save a few bucks, always look at the bottom and top shelves to find cheaper deals on products. Have you ever noticed that all of the essential items, like bread and milk, are stored in the back of the store? That’s not just a coincidence; supermarkets put those items in the back of the store so you have to trek through the aisles and pass more tempting junk food items, like chips and soft drinks, just to get to what you need. Instead of giving into those products, keep a list of groceries at hand and stick to it to stay on track.

When you see special deals, like the Rs 9 kind of deal, you think you’re saving money by grabbing a few of these items in bulk for just a buck each. But, if you read the fine print, you’ll notice that many sales like these still apply when you buy less than the advertised amount. So, don’t load your cart with tons of the same item (which will probably expire before you even get to finish it all anyway), just grab as many as you actually need. However, always read the fine print, because these deals only qualify if you buy the advertised amount—but ask yourself if you really need 10 kgs of sugar at once?.

Speaking of signs, supermarkets also place more elaborate signs advertising pricier products. They’re usually placed around aisle entrances so it’s the first thing you see when strolling by them, causing you to stop and look. These eye-catching signs and product displays will grab your attention away from cheaper items, so don’t let your eyes deceive you. These offer signs are not only confusing, they’re also a money making tactic used by supermarkets and mega stores.

Rewards cards do come with a few exclusive deals, but overall they’re used as a gimmick by mega stores to make you spend more money. Think about it: these rewards cards are mainly based off of a point system, which gives you a certain amount of points per rupee spent. In order to receive special deals, you need a minimum number of points to actually get your reward, which gives you an incentive to spend more. Getting a rewards card can be a money saver if used right but use it wisely.

In conclusion, my humble advise to all you grocery shoppers at mega supermarkets, if you happen to see a big advertising banner/hoarding or a poster, ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE FINE PRINT BELOW THE OFFER PRICE” and then only carry on with your shopping spree. And if you think that my advise and the matter did work wonders for, THANK ME or say a few extra Hail Mary’s or few extra mantras/slokas?

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