SACAA Reunion Bash brought back Memories of Good Old College Days

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Mangaluru: Reunions-they can be excitedly anticipated or painfully dreaded. Either way, the first hour or so can be awkward as people shuffle in from all over. Reunions should include time for catching up and renewing old relationships. Getting past that awkward hour will get a little easier, if there is lots of fun and easy reunion ice breaker games. And for that matter, the reunion bash of St Aloysius College Alumni/ae Association (SACAA) was organized in such a way that everyone had a good time, it was not boring and there were no complaints. Well organized with lots of fun and frolic, especially kudos to the MC Manoj who simply rocked and kept the evening live and entertaining.

Yes, Class Reunions or Alumnae Reunions are a chance to brag about what they may or may not of accomplished. Some there is the fear of what has not been accomplished. And there are some, that are just interested on how far people have come. There is also a chance to look at the humorous side of things. Spending time looking at the fashion and the hair in old photos, and is also a chance to look back at some of the stupid things that were done while being classmates.

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January 12 every year-it is always a special day for all the old students of St Aloysius High School/College. This year too, January 12, 2016 was a nostalgic journey down the memory lane for the school/college buddies who came together in large numbers at the St Aloysius College Alumni/ae Association (SACAA) Annual Reunion function held at St. Aloysius High School ground on January 12, 2016.

The memoirs of yester years were once again rejuvenated as they shared their memories of those olden, youthful, cheerful days full of happiness and joy. To enliven the atmosphere there was not only live music but also few spot games, comedy act, floor dance and lots of friendship cum fellowship, together with a sumptuous spread of food that added spice to the occasion. Being a old student of St Aloysius High School/College during the 1980s, I had the immense pleasure of meeting many of my mentors, especially Fr Denzil Lobo, the present Rector, and students during that term. Some of my classmates whom I met at this Reunion have already turned grey, some have gone bald, some have lost teeth, some have become rich and some are trying to become rich, some are still hanging around in Mangaluru involved in various profession, some entrepreneurs, while some are abroad, but come down during Christmas holidays. It was indeed fun to meet all my old buddies, thereby interact and share our news and views over a glass of our favorite drink !

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The Reunion celebration commenced with the introduction speech by Archie Menezes -convener of the 2016 SACAA Reunion and welcome address by SACAA President-Richard Gonsalves, followed by a devotional prayer rendered by the Jesuit scholastic. Fr Denzil Lobo, the Rector addressing the gathering with a power point presentation briefed on the origin, development and success of St Aloysius College. Fr. Denzil praising about the Jesuits work said, “The Jesuit tradition has imparted education and more than information, transforming men and women into leaders of tomorrow and living for others. The students are encouraged to shine and reach out to people with compassion “. The vote of thanks was proposed by convener, Archie Menezes, followed by cultural and fun activities.

Manoj Lewis compered the event professionally and kept the gathering in a lively mood with his witty punchlines. The Celebration incorporated various spot games, live music by the beat group comprising of SAC students, skit, baila dance and lots of other goodies and fun. With music, songs, dance and drinks in full swing the party raved till late evening and the SAC alumni/ae finally reluctantly bid goodbye to each other, while specifically asking for more such reunions to be organized and draw plans to repay their Alma Mater in the best way possible.

Miss Sanjana gave a mesmerising classical dance, followed by a hilarious skit by Alwyn Pinto and group. There was housie housie, and lots of spot games, where the winners went home with attractive gifts. There were prizes for those who shared their funniest incidents during their college days at St Aloysius College- and many had quite a few hilarious incidents to narrate. Even those who bought tickets had a chance to win in the lucky draw, fetching them attractive prizes. The band played some dance numbers, including Baila numbers which attracted the crowd on the dance floor- and it was simply party time with the young and old shaking their hips to the scintillating Western, Bollywood and local baila hits.

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To sum it up the SACAA Reunion 2016 will go unparalleled in history, while the snapshots speak for themselves. Many exclaimed “Oh what an awesome reunion it was!”. Quite overwhelmed with the response showed by the ex-Aloysians, and excellent arrangements made by the organizing committee, I will keep January 12, 2017 marked on my calendar to be free that day and attend the next Reunion bash for sure ! I hope you will too- until we meet again at the next SACAA 2017 Reunion celebration, cherish all the fun and frolic you encountered at this bash. Mark the date on your calendar for next year- January 12, 2017!

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