‘Sadhuram 2’ will introduce Tamil audiences to new genre: Director

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Chennai, Feb 24 (IANS) Director Sumanth Radhakrishnan is confident that his upcoming philanthropical thriller “Sadhuram 2”, a crowd-funded film along the lines of James Wan’s “Saw”, will introduce Tamil audiences to a new genre and they will appreciate it.

“It’s called a philanthropical thriller because it has social consciousness elements attached to it. It belongs to a completely new genre and we’re eager to know how audiences react to it,” Sumanth told IANS.

From the promos, it’s evident that the film is based on American psychological thriller “Saw”. However, Sumanth says the film is not a frame-to-frame rip-off.

“We’ve given credit to ‘Saw’. My music director Girish met someone from the team of ‘Saw’ long back and authorization was given to make the film. We haven’t made anything as gory as ‘Saw’, because frankly you can’t, given our censorship rules,” he said.

“Even though we’ve followed the same template used in ‘Saw’, we’ve managed to tone down everything. People who loved ‘Saw’ and films that fall in the same league will love ours too. We’ve made an honest film,” he added.

Talking about the film, which features a bevy of theatre artists, Sumanth said: “We are releasing the film as ‘Sadhuram 2’ because it has an ambiguous beginning and ambiguous end, but it won’t be confusing. Hence, we decided to go with this title.”

The people who invested in the film are all fans of the “Saw” franchise. They loved the idea to see something made on similar lines.

“It was really difficult to get the film made because nobody believed in it. Nobody in India could watch ‘Saw’ on the big screen, so when some fans of the movie heard about my film, they came forward to support it,” he said, adding that nearly 30 people contributed to the making of the film.

The film stars Yog Japee, Kaushik, Riaz and Sanam Shetty.

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