‘Sam Bahadur’ my most meticulously detailed work, says Vicky Kaushal in BTS clip

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‘Sam Bahadur’ my most meticulously detailed work, says Vicky Kaushal in BTS clip
Mumbai:  Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal’s upcoming biopic ‘Sam Bahadur’ has dropped a behind-the-scenes (BTS) montage of how the movie was shot.

In the clip, the actor revealed that the film was perhaps his most meticulously shot film to date, as he never had to go through so many look-tests just to see whether the face, uniform, and medals have been accurately portrayed.

Shot with actual military personnel, the ‘Sardar Udham’ actor was seen going out of an actual cantonment in Punjab before revealing that the idea for the film had been in the making since 2019.

“Meghna and I discussed ‘Sam Bahadur’ first in 2019 where we usually used to meet for 5-6 hours simply discussing the whole project, so I think that is what kickstarted the whole thing,” the actor said.

Citing the movie’s immense prep work for historical authenticity, he said: “This movie was shot with much meticulous attention to detail because Meghna was very particular about each and every frame. She wanted to get every medal right. I don’t think I’ve had to go through so many look-tests just to get the appearance right. The prep work has been immense and we are glad at the way it turned out.”

Explaining the necessity of such massive and meticulously detailed work on just appearances alone, director Meghna Gulzar said: “I think the level of detailing for prep work required that much more because of the nature of the film. One it is the Indian Army, two it is Sam Manekshaw.”

Actress Sanya Malhotra who essays the role of the legendary Field Marshal’s wife Silloo Manekshaw said: “On my first day of the set, when I saw him (Vicky) for the first time, I was completely blown away. I could not see Vicky anywhere, there was only him and Sam (Manekshaw).”

The team’s military consultant Colonel Manish Sarin talking about the impressive prep work said: “During the course of the whole film, I found out that he (Vicky) had really done his homework so well, he’s studied the mannerisms, the way of talking, of conducting himself in a military fashion. More importantly, I don’t think anyone could have done more justice to the character than Vicky.”

Vicky detailed that this was the longest filming schedule he’s had to go through. “The way this would happen is that we’d be on-set for 15-20 days. There would usually be a 20 minute break during which I had to undergo a lot of preparation in order to learn certain skill sets. These included primarily high jump, and boxing,” the actor said.

Showing the massive effort it took to do justice to the whole military routine, the actor said: “High jump today has evolved as a sport a lot, but back then it was a scissor jump. It may look more simple and basic, but it really is not.”

This showed him jumping over hoops several times in order to get the perfect jump, as well as exercising beforehand to develop leg strength for the jump.

Taking boxing training from actual soldiers, as well as learning how to carry himself in proper military manner, the ‘Uri’ actor was actually injured during the boxing sessions though this did not make him give up.

Meghna in her closing remarks said: “Vicky has given away his soul, every molecule of himself for this role. I think he stopped being Vicky Kaushal the day he stepped on the set. And I am talking more than just nailing the uniform, moustache, or lenses. On that day, I think he really just became Sam Manekshaw.”

The biopic is based on Sam Manekshaw, detailing his upbringing, his early days as a young officer after graduating from the Indian Military Academy during the British times to his fights in World War 2, post-Independence role in the first India-Pakistan war, his role in 1962 Indo-Sino war, the 1965 India-Pakistan war, the 1967 India-China skirmish, and the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war also called the third India-Pakistan war.


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