Sanjiv Chaturvedi requests allocation of work

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New Delhi, Dec 14 (IANS) Whistleblower bureaucrat Sanjiv Chaturvedi, who was removed as the chief vigilance officer (CVO) of AIIMS in 2014 much before the completion of his tenure, has written to the cabinet secretary P.K. Sinha over allocation of work.

According to reports, work assigned to Chaturvedi, who continues to be the deputy secretary of All India Institute of Medical Science, was withdrawn from him for the past couple of years and has been left with no services.

“After joining AIIMS, I was given job as CVO of the institute and apart from that minor works of general section, estate section, grievances. However all these works were withdrawn one by one without any reason and despite consistent outstanding record as recorded by union health minister and health secretary,” said the letter written by Chaturvedi.

Chaturvedi in the letter has also sought an appointment with the cabinet secretary as soon as possible.

Citing the situation a result of his lawful actions against the power nexus of politicians-bureaucrats, Chaturvedi, in the letter said: “Now I am facing a very humiliating situation of being without any work and being paid full salary (Rs.1 Lakh plus).

“This is such wastage of financial and human resources and very unfortunate for a poor country like ours where 2/3rd of the population is daily struggling for their survival,” Chaturvedi wrote.

In one of the recent developments, AIIMS administration has also withdrawn the work of estate section from Chaturvedi in December.

In the letter, Chaturvedi also mentioned how his repeated requests for work allocation has gone unheard by current health secretary.

The letter further read: “I request your (cabinet Secretary) good self to kindly issue appropriate directions to health ministry for implementation of work allocation orders so that the government money being spent on me could be justified.”

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