Savarkar’s Book says Christ was Hindu Tamilian Brahmin- Christian Sentiments Hurt

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Mumbai: The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF), the Mumbai based activist NGO takes strong exception to a book “Christ Parichay” (introduction to Christ) proposed to be released towards this month end. It has been reported that the 70-year-old book (1946) by Ganesh Savarkar, elder brother of Veer Savarkar one of the five founders of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is being reprinted. This is being done by Swatantryaveer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak (Savarkar National Memorial), a trust that propagates the Savarkar brothers’ literature and ideology, in Marathi on 26th February 2016.


Joseph Dias, the CSF general secretary said that the religious sentiments of the Christian community were hurt and said it was not surprising at the timing of the reprint, when the political dispensation in the country had changed. If the intentions of the publishers were genuine, why did they wait for 70 years to reprint the book? he asked. He called upon the government to act and investigate the claims made in the book as it amounted to sacrilege. He also called upon the Church hierarchy and other Christian denominations to condemn such a publication. Further, it was even more saddening that such provocation comes during the holy season of lent, when most are in a state of fast, prayer and abstinence.

Cover Page of the Book

Joseph Dias gave the following 10 highly objectionable claims made in the book:

1. Jesus Christ was born Keshao Krishna in a Tamil Hindu Brahmin family and Christianity was a Hindu cult/sect.
2. A cult called Essenes rescued the crucified Christ and revived him with medicinal plants and herbs from the Himalayas.

3. Jesus was a dark complexioned Vishwakarma Brahmin, who attained ‘Samadhi’ in Kashmir after running escaping from Israel.

4. Palestinian and Arab territories were Hindu land and that Christ traveled to India where he learnt yoga and ran a cult teaching Hinduism.

5. Christ’s sacred thread ceremony (janeyu) was held when he was 12, as per Brahmin tradition, and that he wore the sacred thread like any other Hindu.

6. Christ prayed to Lord Shiva and Jesus’ family dressed in a typical Indian way. Jesus came to India to study the Vedas, and returned to Israel when he became an expert.

7. The Bible is not Jesus’s preaching. Arabia was a Hindu land and Jews were Hindus. Arabic has many Sanskrit and Tamil words. Palestine’s Arabic language was a version of the Tamil language.

9. Jesus while preaching, got involved in a political storm and was crucified, but miraculously escaped alive, came to Kashmir with a certain Chetan Nath, became healthy, and with Nath’s help, established a ‘math’ (monastery) at the foothills of the Himalayas.

8. The family had Hindu signs on their bodies and Jesus’s father Joseph’s name comes from a common Tamil name – Sheshepa. Ishanath (Isa or Christ), terminated his incarnation by taking Samadhi. Natha-Namawali (Indian scripture) also quotes his name as Ishanatha.

9. Christ worshiped Lord Shiva for three years and achieved ‘darshan’ (vision) of Shiva. He gathered knowledge and energy and placed the trishoola (trident), a seed of the world. He worshipped Lord Shiva in the form of a Linga (phallus). Sadhus (ascetics) and people arrived from all directions to stay with him and accepted him as Guru, the spiritual teacher.

10. Savarkar also said the book was written to remind the Christian world that they have snatched away Christ’s Hinduness and to repay the debt of Christ to us that he gave by hurling the flag of Hinduism beyond India. “I have done this work and I am satisfied with it. Let this literary worship of Christ or Keshao, the Krishna reach his divine feet,” he concluded.

The CSF general secretary, Joseph Dias said that the Hindutva brigade would not dare publish such fiction on other religions and made Christians soft targets. The right wing extremists and fringe elements were confident that Christians would not retaliate as the community was commanded by their faith to be non-violent and turn the other cheek, even when provoked or innocent.

For more info, contact:

Joseph Dias, CSF General Secretary +91 9769555657
Ex-Special Executive Magistrate, Govt of Maharashtra

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    • Jay, do agree with you that many need to see the doctor, else don’t use the date February 2016.

      JESUS CHRIST was born in Bethlehem, that day of birth changed the world calendar from BC (before Christ) to AD (Anno Domini which is in medieval Latin means the year of our Lord. How you define a person who is trying to change the dates of world war 1 and II, and changing the names of the countries involved with? You name them the way you like!

  1. A S Mathew. Any comments? So Christananda was also a vegetarian like Iyers and Iyengars and even ate puliyogare idli sambaar avial tairu saada? What a figment of imagination!

    • drone: You need to change your diet to some healthy food, or you will be taken to one place called …. … Why can’t you reveal your identity? Your great knowledge?

        • Drona, your Idli Sambar diet addiction must be marketed at first in New Delhi with your great political deities; they may get some Himalayan relief through your special Idli Sambar diet; also will help to cure the indigestion and constipation affected to their health due to the miserably failed aache din promises. The Gujarathi political clique must try your miracle diet on a regular basis. Indeed, you are a good Samaritan now.

          • …also will help to cure the indigestion and constipation affected to their health due to the miserably failed aache din promises. Mr. Mathew to Dronu

            Hahahaha. Dronu is ‘yorked’! that’s what happens when one uses a hockey stick to play cricket! 🙂

  2. Savarkar must be delusional. His version should not be taken seriously. We see in modern days with such strong views, who end up in Psych ward. Only common thing: is lungi [but now this is not considered to be specific to Tamilians.

    • Srimiti Irani, the academic giant holding dozens of degrees from the prominent Universities of the world tried too hard to erase the Christmas holiday from the Indian Calendar in the first year of the aache din rule of India, but she couldn’t win that tricky strategy. Now, another game plan to hurt and humiliate the defenseless Christian community.

      Another make in India show of Mumbai yet to be seen: Great Indian product in huge demand around the world.

  3. Don’t know if the NGO man behind the story has conducted some extensive survey among Christians before publishing that the “Christian Sentiments Hurt”.

    Generally speaking, with Christians belonging to many sects, each of which has no connection with others, any generalisations would be wrong.

    Some Christian sects take everything written in some ancient books literally. Have you heard of the sect in US where the members must handle live poisonous snakes? I believe some died. Not the snakes, but the believers.

    Other sects allow the members to take the information in the books more as a guidance, to the extent of allowing interpretation by the individuals. According to these sects, it is the spirit of the faith, rather than the literal text, that matters.

    It appears to me that the publishers of the book had given an advance copy of the book to the NGO man to generate a huge controversy, so that everyone would buy a copy of the book.

    Some Indian writers love to bring all world personalities under the Indian umbrella. The number of people on the Internet claiming everything from Saudi shrines, ancient Iraqi construction, Egyptian pyramids and the priests – all of these being “INDIAN/HINDU” – is mind-boggling. Many Indians have claimed that the Australian aborigine languages are Dravidian, with “Aborigine languages having plenty of Tamil words”.

    Of course, there is no truth in any of these claims. Indians need a few myths and conspiracy theories for a social gathering, or to attract a few visitors to their otheriwse boring web blogs.

    To establish a serious credible theory, one needs to forget about all the myths and conspiracy theories, and spend years in painstaking research. Obviously Mr Savarkar, the writer of this book, did not spend any time even to learn Tamil.

    All that I can deduce is that, he found a few Tamil divinity/religious pictures and found some similarities with the Christian images, and wrote a book.

    PS: Tamil may be at the most 3,500 years old. The forefathers of the Australian Aborigines most likely landed on the Australian continent 30,000 to 60,000 years ago. The only common thing between the two groups is relatively darker skin colour.

  4. If these wayward people are trying to make their own version of history to fit their whim and fancy, and to hurt the Christian community, let it be done:

    Srimiti Irani tried to eradicate the Christmas from the Indian calendar in 2014, and to insert the birth of Vajpayee; what a terrible joke it was? Did she win, can ever win?

    The Hindu religion, is it a religion or a way of life? All the religions of the world except Hinduism, they had prophets and founders, one main holy book. Can Savarkar dispute that logic? Some wild harvest will be taking place for this totally diabolical enterprise to defame the deity and unique personality of JESUS CHRIST, simply wait and watch!

    In the Bible and Quran (the sacred books of 2.3 and 1.6 billion people of the world), also in the holy book of the Bahai faith, the CHRIST’s virgin birth was written clearly. In the sacred book of the Zorostrian (Parsi religion, well known people like Tatas-Zubin Metha-Marshall Sam Manegshaw) in BC 6th century written by its founder “Zoroaster” in their holy book ” Avesta” that a savior will be born to a virgin, who will work as a carpenter, will rise again from death, and will judge everyone in the final day of judgement.

  5. “Christ was Hindu Tamilian Brahmin- Christian Sentiments Hurt” – report.

    There are questions as to if this historic figure actually lived or not. Even if he did, the notion that sanathana brahmana from south india was behind Christianity is a total imagination. On a different note, why are the sentiments hurt based on a book that was published 70 yrs ago? I know that there are religious holy books who call sanaathana gods as ‘false gods’. Does it mean that we need to ban printing those religious books as well? Just curious.

  6. On a different note, why are the sentiments hurt based on a book that was published 70 yrs ago?

    Probably some sector more intolerable under Modi’s Government

  7. Hindu nationalists are busy inventing fiction to explain history. India is in a mess because there is no respect for truth.

  8. Tweet talk
    @MrSamratX: Look I don’t know if Jesus Christ was a Tamil Hindu, but there’s no doubt that Shakespeare was Sheikh SP Iyer, Tamil Muslim. In Gulf

    @ShirishKunder: Jesus Christ was a Tamil Hindu?! Now Christians will ask for OBC status.

    @hankypanty: Jesus Christ was a Tamil Hindu. If anyone but, the RSS had said this – they’d be arrested for blasphemy, sedition, polygamy, jaywalking.

    @Newspaperwalli: RSS founder’s book says Jesus was a Tamil Hindu. Now I’m guessing conversion to Christianity is no longer a problem

    @rahulroushan: If Jesus was a Tamil Hindu Brahmin, why was he not a B Tech?

    @aruna_menon: Jesus Christ was a Tamil Hindu, it’s time to repaint the ‘Last Supper’ with Dosa, Vada & Filter Coffee..
    @vandana_s: This is GOLD: Jesus was looking to go to Salem, instead he went to Jerusalem –

  9. As we are in the Lenten season only i can say is
    “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

    • Why are you telling that to your father?. No one said anything to your dad?. Don’t bring your family in.

      • Joel and Balu, you made us to laugh.
        One quoting something from Bible other is relating it to teller.

  10. Ganesh Savarkar, the brother of illustrious or, shall we say, notorious Veer Savarkar should have been a fiction writer and he would have done well to afford shrikand puri, batata poha, puran poli, bhaji and oosa sa ras and pay bills.

    His claims on Jesus Christ are very outlandish and a figment of imagination. I would strongly urge the Roman Catholic and other Christian Organisations to kindly ignore this book, which is supposed to be published in a day or two as a rantings of a man who has a hole in his head. Otherwise, outcry and hysteria will arouse people’s curiosity and his book will become popular and sold like hot cakes and his kith and kin will make plenty of dough. Take for instance, The Satanic Verses and Mein Kampf. In fact, Mein Kampf was dictated by Adolph Hitler to Rudolf Hess, when both of them were in prison, because it is alleged that the former was poor in writing (German), but was a orator par excellence.

    Ganesh Savarkar’s brother, Veer Savarkar, who had been sentenced to serve lifer in Andamans (Kala Pani), wilted and begged with the British authorities to be released. After release he master-minded the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, but escaped conviction for the simple reason that being a lawyer, he hatched the plot very well leaving no evidence or footprints for the prosecution to prove his involvedment. Others, had to face the noose or spend time in the slammer.

    Jesus Christ was a Palestinian who travelled extensively in that region and had nothing to do with India, be it Kashmir or Tamil Nadu. Some bright spark has mentioned that Jesus Christ was a vegetarian. How sweet and inventive?

    How preposterous of Ganesh Savarkar to say that Palestine and Arabia were once Hindus and Hindu land and amongst literates, only the stupids will fall for it.

  11. Just go thru the below site

    The above link is not from India or any Hindu person. Any one who is interested can know the background. It says that Jesus was married and had a son called Judah.

    Its total intolerance on the part of any one to judge on the basis of one book written 70 years ago that all the Hindus are cooking up stories. Simcha Jacobovici did a lot of research before “cooking up” the above story.!!

    • Indian Christian intellectuals have failed to develop a coherent intellectual critique of Hindu nationalism. Hindu nationalist ‘historian’ PN Oak claimed the Taj Mahal was originally a Shiva temple. Oak’s history was obviously intended to taunt Indian Muslims. Ganesh Savarkar’s outlandish theories would never make the news if the BJP government was not in power in Maharashtra. The book is intended to taunt Indian Christians.

  12. Dear readers,

    There is one book called ‘Bunch of thoughts’ continue to intoxicating the brains of larger section of Hindus. Now the history is repeated targeting the Christian minorities using Jesus(Peace be upon him) reprinting the hysteria of Sangh parivar.

    According to the latest discovery of RSS & Co or better we can say the latest edition of the ‘Dictionary of Hindutva’ Macaulayism, Missionaries, Materialism, Marxism and Muslim extremism are the five biggest threats to Hindutva in India .In their code word these five threats are called Malicious-5 or M5 Marxism,

    Muslim extremism, Missionaries : RSS lists out 5 biggest enemies of Hindutva

    Marxism, according to the paper, is the thumb of the demon’s claw. This thumb has given birth to multiple bastard offspring like communists, socialists, liberals, Maoists, anarchists and all other forms of Leftists. Macaulayism entails perverted psychology to scrutinise, interpret and evaluate Hindu culture, history, society and spirituality with the help of concepts evolved by western scholarship. This creates a worshipful attitude towards everything in western society in the name of progress, reason and science.

    For many JNU or Verumala suicide campus related controversy is not very well understood. But RSS political wing BJP, communist rule state of West Bengal and Kerala bound for election matters were drift of Congress vote and communist legacy will be finished in one arrow.

    The Christian in North East,Goa need to be extra caution in coming days ,who has seen spike in Church attacks in BJP and alliance ruled state.

    Jai Hind

  13. A. S. Mathew

    Personally, I would not react to anyone who is writing history the way perhaps he would wanted it to be, and going by the comments from some in this forum, there seems to be a strong market to reprint.

    Since Savarkar claims that Keshao Krishna a Tamil Hindu Brahmin was indeed Jesus, and Jesus came and left over 2000 years ago, what is the source of his information. Did he live during that period? Was he one of his apostles? Did he get a revelation or was he delusional? He clearly did not live during that time, so how is he connecting the dots apparently with conviction? or was his writings fiction, or just blah, blah, blah.

    Hence, if Savarkar wrote a story, and there are people who will take his comments seriously then I stand by my comment ………..someone needs to see a doctor, and may I add …ASAP.

    • Since Savarkar claims that Keshao Krishna a Tamil Hindu Brahmin was indeed Jesus, and Jesus came and left over 2000 years ago, what is the source of his information. – Mr. Jay

      Well, it could have been ‘inspired’ by some somarasa and/or bhaang!

      Now, JUST you wait and watch how our RampaNNA will react! Will he:

      1. Bring up my allegedly ‘rejected’ Yumreeki visa?

      2. Or, will he allege that I’m a Sanathaana Dharma hater and further say that EVEN my flatulence reeks of intolerance?

      3. Or, will he post some silly youtube video about Qatar/Dubai?

      4. Or, will he quote what his blessed ‘Billa Mahera’ said about Kim Kardashian & Saint West and somehow tie himself up in knots to conclude and bleat that I hate the west?

      5. Or, will he allege that they (the West) were my ‘masters’? (AND, never mind the fact that it is RAMPA himself who has sought economic refuge out there!). Tsk tsk tsk!

      6. Or, will he say that I dunno about his Murudeshwara statues and thereby very ‘safely’ conclude that I’m aping the West and know NOTHING about his ditched Akhanda Bharatha?

      7. All the above.

      Man.. Jay.. the tension is killing me. 🙂

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