Mangaluru: Never-ending ‘Chain’ of Instances – Yet Another Woman Loses Gold to Snatchers

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Mangaluru: In spite of recurring instances of chain-snatching and repeated cautions issued in the media, it is the same story, taking place again and again. Incidentally, the latest reported incident would also lend support to the anti-helmet campaigners.


Ganga was returning from work on Tuesday evening and walking towards home. As she reached Gandhinagar 4th cross, two unidentified persons riding a bike stopped near her and snatched a gold chain from her neck.

The chain worth Rs 12,000. Since the two culprits wore helmets, she could not see their faces properly. Besides, since it was getting dark, she could not note down the number of the bike.

A complaint has been filed in the Barke police station.

A ‘chain’ of instances:

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