Seniors Unleash Talents Attired in Traditional Indian Wear at ‘Seenager Indian Idol Couple’ Contest

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Seniors Unleash Talents Attired in Traditional Indian Wear at ‘Seenager Indian Idol Couple’ Contest

  • Seniors, both Men and Women of Seniors Citizens Welfare Association’ {SCWA} of St Francis Xavier Church-Bejai, Mangaluru, unleashed their hidden talents attired in Traditional Indian Wear at the “Seenager Indian Idol Couple 2018′ Contest, held on Wednesday, 22 August 2018 at Bejai Church Mini Hall.

Mangaluru: India is a land of multitude culture and tradition and within the radius of 500 km the culture, food, and of course fashion. It is amazing to see, that within the country there is a diversification of fashion and clothing which could be due to the weather condition and culture of the society. We are blessed to be a country with such an assortment of sartorial choices. So, for all the fashion faithful folks, the organizing committee of Seniors Citizens Welfare Association of St Francis Xavier Church, Bejai-Mangaluru under the energetic and dynamic leadership of their president Ms Juliet Mascarenhas, who thinks she’s still in her highs school days, had decided to organize “Seenager Indian Idol Couple 2018”, where participating Senior Couples had an opportunity to clad in different types of dresses of India in different states, which enlightened them and others in the audience.

The participants of the Contest showed the traditional wear of people of Gujarat, Kerala, Madikeri/Kodagu, Goa, and Punjab. The Women in Gujarat traditionally wear Chaniyo and Choli, wearing embellished and embroidered Ghagra Choli and Lehenga Choli. The men wear Churidar Pajamas and Kurta, paired with vibrant turbans for formal as well as casual occasions. Whereas in Punjab, ensembles such as Salwar Kameez, ones featuring Churidar, are worn by the women of Punjab as well. The women also wear Ghagra while the men wear Kurta Pajamas that sometimes feature the Churidar style as well. They also wear headgear such as Pagri. Punjab is known for its distinctive style of shoes, Juti, that has been adopted by the rest of the country for formal occasions.

And regarding Kerala, the most well known of Kerala’s ethnic wear is the Mundu, the state’s version of a Lungi. Sarees are worn by women and are often made of Kanchipuram Silk or Benarasi Silk and embellished in a similar way. And when it comes to Goans, generally, women wear a sari, which called ‘Nav-Vari’, the sarees studded with precious stones and jewelry. Other women Goa traditional costumes are ‘Pano Bhaju’. The costumes give extra brightness to the women, so Females show interest to wear ‘Pano Bhaju’. And for Goan men, Kasti is another costume which made with Loincloth and wears with a blanket called Kunbi Pallo.. And regarding the Kodavas of Madikeri, they have distinctive dresses, the men wearing wraparound robes called the Kupya (now only seen at ceremonial occasions), and the women with a distinctive style of wearing the sari. The Kodava woman wears a sari with the pleats at the back and the loose end pinned at the right shoulder. The men have many distinctive practices such as carrying ceremonial knives and martial war dances.

And all these traditional dresses worn by the respective people in their region was highlighted by these young revelers during the “Seenager Indian Idol Couple 2018 Contest. As they say that “Ageing is not ‘lost youth’, but a new stage of opportunity”, and “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter” by Mark Twain”; “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young” – and these Young Senior Revelers proved these quotes right by their performances, which received loud applaud from the audience. This contest was held to commemorate the 72nd Independence Day, even though it was organized a few days later-and “It’s always Better Late Than Never?”.

And also to commemorate the Catholic feast of Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, which is also celebrated on 15 August, a small act by Ms Renee Fernandes, accompanied with two Angels, in attire by Agnes Rose Maria D’Souza and Cynthia Fernandes, {both Sisters} brought some religious moments among the audience, and probably they might have all said a “Hail Mary” in silence? The judges for the contest were Lion Ronald Isaac Gomes -317 D Lions District Governor, along with his wife, Lion Anitha Gomes. The programme began with a prayer, followed by welcome address by Ms Juliet Mascarenhas- President of the Association. The minutes of the last event was read by Ms Maizee D’Souza, secretary, and the finance report was read by treasurer Eric Coelho, both of the Association.

The participants were in full spirit and enthusiasm and enthralled the audience with their talents. On the occasion, the birthday of 80-year-old Ms Justin aka “Justhin Bai” Rodrigues was celebrated, and her children in Gulf in a surprise party for their beloved Mother had sponsored towards the expenses/dinner of the event. We need to have children like these who think of their parents, and NOT put them in old-age homes? I salute Ms Justhin Bai’s siblings. Many Happy Returns of the day, Ms Rodrigues!

Having tussle in the tough contest by the contestants, finally the judges picked the right winners, and the winners were- 1st place- Ms Juliet Mascarenhas and Benedict Fernandes {the Rajasthani Couple}; and IInd place by Ms Jacintha and Julian D’cunha {the Goankar Couple- Got Fenny!}. In the special dance using Umbrella’s sponsored by Lion Alwyn Pinto and Shobha Pinto, the dazzling couple on the dance floor Ms Maizee D’Souza and Sylvester Pinto won the prize. The prizes were sponsored by Georgina Boutique managed by George and Jean Sequeira, and cash prize sponsored by Ln Lancy and Ln Wilma Menezes.

Addressing the audience, chief guest Ln Ronald Gomes said that Age is just a number, and when you are capable to do what you can unleash is something to be cherished, and today with all these seniors who look still young with energy and enthusiasm, there is no age limit, and you all are having a ball even at this ripe age, added Ln Gomes. The event was compered by Ln Robin Cutinho and Ln Andrea Fernandes. Just a last word, no matter what, these Vintage revelers simply rocked!

In conclusion, looking at all these “Young Seniors”, my perspective on ‘Achieving Your Dreams After 60’- I think you all can do it if you have Passion, Perspective on Life, and Persistence. Getting older is inevitable, but aging isn’t. You still can accomplish in various fields of Art, entertainment, sports, social causes etc.- all it takes is determination, commitment and dedication. Many of you seniors may face daunting obstacles, but you still can accomplish your goals by sheer will and determination-do not give up. “Triumphant aging,” is a counter perspective to the pervasive negative beliefs about aging. Do you, your relatives or friends have untapped potentials or abandoned dreams? If so, consider what English Poet George Elliot said: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Happy Ageing!”

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