Serving Muslims in Name of Allah! Home Guard Abdul Rauf Controls Traffic at 4 Mosques during Ramzan

Serving Muslims in Name of Allah! Home Guard Abdul Rauf Controls Traffic at 4 Mosques during Ramzan

“I believe that Life is like a bubble on water; it is not permanent, I don’t believe in religious differences. The blood of all human beings is red. I don’t see whether it is a temple, mosque or church – wherever there is a traffic jam I wear my jacket/Uniform and clear the traffic. Where there is traffic, you will find me. I love my Job, and I love what I am doing serving the community, irrespective of caste, or religion. Allah, the Almighty is my only strength, my support and my protector in this risky job that I am at the helm, standing on the busy streets amidst traffic “-Home Guard Abdul Rauf

Mangaluru : There are Home Guards, just for namesake, who are either on the mobile phones or loitering around a petty shop while there is a traffic chaos, and then there are Home Guards who are dedicated, committed and hard working and manage/control at their best- and for that matter, Abdul Rauf, fondly known as “Rauf Bhai”, who has been a Traffic warden for 26 years, and since three years has been a Home Guard falls in the latter category. Yours Truly had met Rauf in 2017, and had done an exclusive interview, ” Home Guard Abdul Rauf – a ‘Traffic Care Taker’ and ‘Peace Maker’ on City Roads ” which was published in on 22 September 2017.

Everyone, but everyone, has heard about Mangaluru’s congested traffic. People complain about it in drawing rooms, write about it on Facebook and joke about it on WhatsApp. There are very few though who will step out to get down and get dirty and do something about it. And for that matter a father of four kids, and just bare 5 ft tall Rauf is one such man, who has volunteered during hectic traffic situation for nearly 26 years, and later became a member of Traffic Warden Team, and later got employed as a Home Guard (to control traffic situation in City)- and this Good Samaritan at the age of 46, is determined and committed to end the continuous cribbing about traffic in the City. And now during the busy Ramadan month, when Muslims flock in large numbers to the various Mosques in the City in their four and two-wheelers, there is always a traffic chaos- and during such time, Rauf comes handy to solve the traffic congestion crisis.

This one and only Active, Energetic, Daring , Fearless and Committed Person who can handle the rough and tough Mangaluru Traffic is Abdul Rauf, hailing from Mahakali Padpu, Mangaluru. This inspiring man, Abdul Rauf is very humble about the work he is doing. “We see a lot of people complaining — ‘this is not right,’ ‘that is wrong.’ There are also many armchair activists, people on Facebook and WhatsApp who keep whining about various issues in the city. But I believe that if you have a complaint, you have to work on it. The priority for me is the smooth movement of traffic. I also stop violators at times but that is not the first thing I do; the number of violators anyway comes down when there is a person in a uniform standing at the signal. I can’t fine them, but I advice them not to violate traffic rules again. On certain incidents, I take down the numbers of the vehicles that break rules, such as motorists who jump the signal, buses that don’t stop at the bus stops/blaring loud shrill horns, motorists entering one way street etc. ” says Abdul, who handles traffic situations in a very difficult region where its hard to reach or cross because of the traffic.

And now during the Ramadan month, he has been specially assigned by the Traffic Police department to control the traffic movement at four Mosques in the City, namely- Zeenath Baksh Juma Masjid; Kutchi Memon Masjid; Badriya Juma Masjid and Fauzi Juma Masjid. Speaking to Team Mangalorean about his duties to man the traffic at these Mosques, Rauf said, “I wake up at 4 am, do my personal things, and then head on to the Traffic West Police Station, where I start my duty from 8 am, which may last until 10 pm. ACP Manjunath Shetty had assigned this duty to manage the traffic at these four Mosques, after special requests were made to him by local Muslim leaders. I walk to different parts of the City and see that traffic moves smoothly without any chaos. And during Ramzan time, I work until 10 pm, doing my kind gesture to my Muslim brethren, in the name of Allah”

“Specially at the Mosque in Police Lane, people come to attend the Namaz in over 500 two-wheelers and nearly 100 cars, where I try my best to manage the traffic congestion. Later I get dropped home at around 10.30 pm by a devotee named Ismail Mohammed. I break my fast by having a glass of juice, a piece of pineapple, watermelon, and a samosa, and after reaching home I have my dinner. Next day I wake up at 4 am, and consume food as part of Ramzan rituals. I feel happy when I do a good service, and also when I get complimented by higher police authorities and general public. Circle Inspector Amanullah from Traffic West Police Station always has good faith in my work, that he deputes me to every special occasions, mega weddings etc to handle the traffic situation- and he always invites me along when he receives invitations for functions. Even Niranjan, the Writer at the station also assigns me where there is tough traffic situation, to rectify the problems”.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean over the phone about about the fantastic work done by Abdul Rauf, the Commander of Home Guards Dr Murali Mohan Chuntharu said, “Among the nearly 50 Home Guards that we have assigned to the Mangaluru Traffic Police Stations, I can openly say that Rauf is the best among the rest, specially for his dedication, commitment and hard work. He goes beyond his eight hours duty, and stays for long hours, and not demanding extra pay. Being sincere and always ready for any tough jobs, we felicitated him last year, and recognized his service in 2017, during Home Guards Day celebrated every year on 6 December. I have received a bunch of comments by post and through emails appreciating Rauf’s service to the community and in handling traffic chaos. To sum it up, I like to say that Abdul Rauf is a Most efficient, Most Loyal and Most Honest Home Guard that I have come across during my tenure. I feel proud and overwhelmed to have Him in our Force”.

Abdul Rauf has special respect and gratefulness towards Chief of Mangaluru Traffic Warden, 96 year-old Joe Gonsalves, where he says “Gonsalves is my role model and my mentor, who has helped me a lot in my life, and also in this field-he is like my God-Father. His relentlessly pursuing difficult goals, continues to inspire me. My idea of relaxing is to do something which makes me personally happy and if that means working for community welfare, it’s right up my alley! Being part of the wonderful Traffic force gives me immense pleasure. Seeing people much older than me like Traffic Warden Chief Joe Gonsalves, is a blessing to me”

For all the good work and service that he has given all these years, Abdul Rauf not being happy for not recognizing for the Rajotsava Award until now, says “Even though till now that I have received 72 Awards/Felicitations from various organizations/Institutions, my only wish is to be a recipient of the Karnataka Rajotsava Award- Couple of years ago when DC AB Ibrahim had nominated my name for the Rajotsava Award, everything went on well, until finally few played games, and someone else got the Award. Hope my dreams will come true this time, at least. I need the support and encouragement from the citizens of Mangaluru and other District authorities in this regard”

May God bless Abdul Rauf for the good work that he is doing, and Team Mangalorean would like to extend our full support and best wishes by saying, ” Abdul Sir, Keep up the good work that you are entrusted with, and may Almighty Allah bless you abundantly, and give you and your family good health and prosperity. Mangaluru needs Hero’s like you, and we are proud of you and your contribution to the Smart City-Mangaluru. You are TRULY a SOS Man when it comes to handling of severe Traffic Chaos”


Home Guard Abdul Rauf – a ‘Traffic Care Taker’ and ‘Peace Maker’ on City Roads