Sharjah: Rama Kshatriya Sangha UAE Celebrates 10th Annual Day

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UAE: Rama Kshatriya Sangha, celebrated its 10th Annual Day recently at the Spicy Land Hotel, Basma Residency in Sharjah. More than 300 Rama Kshatriyas and 100 invited guests gathered to celebrate the 10th Annual day.


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The Ceremony was initiated by Suresh Dalawayi, President and Manjunath Honnemoole, Secretary of Rama Kshatriya Sangha, UAE with the invited Chief Guests B M Nath Byndoor, Chief Editor of Rama Kshatriya Monthly Magazine (which goes worldwide reaching all Ramakshatriyas); Sheshayya Kothwal Sherugar, Managing Director and owner of MAHASATHI Builders and Developers, Mumbai, Mangalore, Manipal, Udupi, Kundapur; Suresh Shyam Rao Neramballi, Founder President, Rama Kshatriya Sangha, Kuwait; Dr Santhosh S Kemminje, Radiologist at KIMS Hospital, Oman and Owner of PUTTUR City Hospital, Other Rama Kshatriya guests from Bangalore, Bekal Shivaprasad and Ravindra Ulooru.

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The President also released the By-laws book for the Rama Kshatriya Sangha, UAE from this year, which contains the rules and regulations for its members. A “Sri Sri Dr Bikshu Laxmananda Swamiji Award” under the name of the MENTOR was also unveiled for all the Ramakshatriyas. This Prestigious award was then presented to the Chief guests of the Programme – for their dedicated service and support to the Rama Kshatriya Community and Others.

1. B M Nath Byndoor,
2. Sheshayya Kothwal Sherugar
3. Suresh Shyam Rao Neramballi
4. Dr Santhosh S Kemminje

And also to the past presidents for their support and dedication for many years, Dinesh Bekal, Gopal Krishna Rao, Srinivas Krishnapura and Sundeep Rao.

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Suresh Dalawayi, President with his beloved wife Vanitha Suresh Dalawayi and his Office Bearers together felicitated and Specially Awarded a Senior Rama Kshatriya and an Advisor-

1. Subrahmanya Kemminje, Founder Member & Senior Advisor of RamaKshatriya Sangha, UAE With his beloved Shalini Subrahmanya Kemminje.

This Prominent award was also honoured to 2 Well Deserved RamaKshatriyas of RamaKshatriya Sangha, U.A.E.
1. Shalini Annayya Hegde, Senior Member of RamaKshatriya Sangha, UAE.
2. Manjunath Honnemoole, Secretary of RamaKshatriya Sangha, UAE.

Other invited UAE guests who greeted on this Occasion.
• Sarvotham Shetty, President, Karnataka Sangha, AbuDhabi
• Ganesh Rai, Past President, Karnataka Sangha, Sharjah
• Satish Venkataraman, President, Karnataka Sangha, Sharjah
• Manohar Thonse, President, Billava Sangha, AbuDhabi
• Vishwanath Shetty, Gammath Kalavidharu, Dubai
• Prabhakar, Margadeepa Samskruthika Samithi

The President – Suresh Dalawayi also initiated the future plans to introduce a “Community Identification Card”, and explained its significance,
 Identification as a RAMA KSHATRIYA.
 Connecting to the GLOBAL Kshatriyas into a single roof.
 Identification of the BLOOD GROUP.
 Identification of the FAMILY BACKGROUND.
 Serves as a SOCIAL CAUSE
 Attracts more number of RAMA KSHATRIYA to unite

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Distinguished Chief Guests of the Ceremony then shared their valuable experience and inspiring words to conclude the auspicious occasion on success of completing its 10th year in United Arab Emirates.

Cultural extravaganza went in a complete Entertainment mode by Rama Kshatriya community members and other Guest Artists. Symphony Music Institute, Sharjah & Ajman also took the special attention from the crowd to their colorful dance and Variety Entertainment show.
The whole line up and the Community mainly gave importance to the Language – Kannada, by showcasing maximum performances in Kannada.

Host of the Ceremony was lead by Sharath Ram Jeppu, Poornima G K Rao; Sushanth Ram Jeppu and Sujaya Sundeep Rao.

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Then Gopal Krishna Rao, Past President, expressed his Heartfelt Thanks to Everyone present.
The Outstanding Success, like never before of this 10th Annual Day Celebration of Rama Kshatriya Sangha, UAE under the Prime Leadership and President ship of Suresh Dalawayi, was greatly appreciated by all members of the Community, Chief Guest’s, Other Invited guests and Friends. His initiated concepts of Launch and Unveiling of Swamiji Award – “SRI SRI Dr. BIKSHU LAXMANANDA SWAMIJI AWARD”, gave a memorable tribute to the mentor of the community.

From past 10 years Rama Kshatriya Sangha, UAE has done several Social and Cultural services. It celebrates religious festivals like Sathyanarayana Pooja, Ramanavami Pooja, and Social Programs like Fund Raising Campaign amongst the Rama Kshatriyas to help the needy, Blood Donation camps and Family Excursions.

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