Shobha and Nalin Should Raise Voice to Hang Rapists in Public- Shakuntala Shetty

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Shobha and Nalin Should Raise Voice to Hang Rapists in Public- Shakuntala Shetty During Protest Against Puttur Gang Rape

Mangaluru: The District Congress party workers staged a protest condemning the gang rape in Puttur and demanded to hang the rapists in public, in front of the DC office here on July 8.

Addressing the protesters former MLA of Puttur Shakuntala Shetty said, “The culture of Dakshina Kannada district was a model to our country and people from all over the country were coming here for education. But from some years because of the communal clashes in our district, people hesitant to come here. The recent case of gang rape in Puttur has put all the people of our district to shame. In such a situation, our MP Shobha Karandlaje is not opening her mouth. Even last year in her own home town Sullia, when college student Akshatha was murdered by her own collegemate, Shobha had maintained silence. When a girl was stabbed in Derlakatte MP of Udupi, Shobha Karandlaje condemned the act and accused the Congress minister of not taking action because it happened in Ullal. Now when the ABVP members have gang-raped a girl in Puttur, why is Shobakka still not raising her voice?”

Shakuntala Shetty further said, “ABVP is the right-wing of the BJP and the rapists in Puttur Gang rape belong to ABVP. When the video of the gang rape was made viral the police filed a Suo-Motu case and started their investigations. I congratulate the SP of Dakshina Kannada for initiating the investigations by filing a suo-motu case. But Shobha Karandalage is not raising her voice against it. Why is she maintaining silence? I do not wish such incidents to take place in our district or anywhere in the world. In this case, if any of the rapists would have belonged to the other faith, Shobha would have screamed and Nalin would have set the district on fire. Both Nalin and Shobha should raise their voice against these rapists and demand to hang them in public.”

Shakuntala Shetty also said, “In Vivekananda College lecturers are not disciplined, they themselves are involved in circulating the gang rape video which shows the culture of the College. In Suadi Arabia, the death penalty is given to rapists, they are hanged in public. If four rapists in our country will be hanged, no one will dare to commit such crimes. If any person belonging to the other faith was involved in the Puttur gang rape case, Puttur would have now been burning. When children make mistakes it is the duty of the parents to correct them, likewise, the youth who have raped the girl should have been corrected by the BJP and ABVP leaders. When parents give mobiles to their children, they should monitor them. We are not targetting anyone but we want our girls in our district to be safe. Our demand is to hang the rapists in public”.

DCC President Harish Kumar said, “We strongly condemn the gang rape in Puttur. In this case the police have filed a suo-motu case and arrested the rapists. A few days later in Puttur, another underage girl was raped. We need to find out those behind all these crimes. We thought that Vivekananda College in Puttur was a very good college and teaching patriotism to the students but the recent gang-rape case has put everyone to shame. When Nirbhaya was gang-raped in Delhi, ABVP protested and demanded justice but in the Puttur case the same ABVP students raped the college girl and their leaders issued a statement saying that those rapists did not belong to their organization. This is double standards of the BJP and its Sangh Parivar. If a person from the other faith is involved in cattle trafficking, rape or murder they raise their voice. But if they are from the Sangh Parivar, they have different standards. We demand the government to ban beef exports which will automatically put an end to cattle trafficking and illegal slaughtering. During the last elections, the BJP was talking about Hindutva, Ram Mandir and Ache din but during the recent elections, they forget about it. BJP is a party of double standards, the recent budget has put everyone in trouble.”

District President of Mahila Congress Shalet Pinto said, “Those who circulated the gang rape video have committed a heinous crime which is not less than rape. They have destroyed the future of the victim by circulating the video. Such people should be severely punished”.

District Youth Congress President Mithun Rai also spoke on the occasion. Former MLA Moideen Bava, Senior Congress leaders Kodijal Ibrahim, Sashidhar Hegde, Vishwas Das and others were also present.

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