Shooting romantic scenes with Nawazuddin ‘difficult’ for Radhika

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Mumbai, July 17 (IANS) Ketan Mehta’s “Manjhi – The Mountain Man” is primarily an intense drama of a real-life hero, but romance plays an integral role in it. For lead actress Radhika Apte, the romance bit was tough because it took substantial time for the ice to break between her and co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

“Achieving his (Nawazuddin’s) love was very difficult. When we would go for shooting and romantic scenes were to be shot, he would sit quiet and isolated,” Radhika said here.

Looking at her director, she then said: “I asked you also, ‘Does he not like me? Why doesn’t he talk to me? He is such a quiet man.'”

“But as soon as action was called, his romance would automatically come out,” the actress said.

Nawazuddin had earlier joked: “If there is an actress like Radhika, then obviously I’ll enjoy. Even on days when she didn’t have scenes, I would tell sir (Mehta) to still call her saying she has scenes. Once she came on the sets, even breaking mountains is fun.”

The actor had displayed his quirky romance in “Gangs of Wasseypur 2” with Huma Qureshi — a film which is often touted to be the turning point in his career. His scene in “Badlapur”, having a sexual dialogue with Huma again was also an instant hit with the youngsters.

“Manjhi – The Mountain Man” will release August 21.

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