Versatile composer Amaal Mallik explores SoulStep genre

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New Delhi, July 17 (IANS) Amaal Mallik’s catchy EDM (Electronic Dance Music) composition “Sooraj dooba hain” is still a favourite party number. But the young composer, who doesn’t want to be slotted in one category, is ready to treat his fans with another “unexplored” genre called SoulStep.

The 24-year-old has given many hit dance tracks like “Zindagi aa raha hoon main” and “Jai jai jai jai ho”, but he doesn’t want be attached to just one genre.

“Whenever a song does well, the industry slots you. I’ve made my mark with ‘Sooraj dooba hain’, so yes I do get approached to create dance songs. But I’ve done ‘Naina’, ‘Tere bin’ and ‘Tumko toh aana hi tha’,” Amaal told IANS.

And he promises to deliver “a lot of soulful numbers”.

“In time, I strive to prove myself as a versatile composer,” said the nephew of popular music composer Anu Malik.

Out with his new single “Chal wahan jaate hain”, which released on Friday, he is thrilled about it as it is “something new”.

Asked if there is any genre that he would like to introduce in the Hindi film industry, he said: “I’m doing exactly that with my new single ‘Chal wahan jaate hain’. It’s something new and unexplored in India. It’s called SoulStep.”

“It’s a romantic song with a blend of Dubstep, Jazz, Pop and has an Indian classical bend to it as well. I’ve used violins and a saxophone with electronic synths and rhythms,” said the T-Series artist, who would love to rearrange and orchestrate many old songs.

But before that, he is excited about another of his new song “Chaar shanivar”, which has elements of Dubstep and EDM along with a mix of Indian beats with electronic synths. It features in the “All is Well” movie.

“‘Chaar shanivaar’ is a song about having fun at any given point without thinking which day, time and place you are in! We live such hectic lives, and get only a Saturday night a week to have fun. Who doesn’t want a longer weekend?

“I got four big Pune dhols, buckets, trash cans, and a whole range of percussions to create the heavy rhythms for this song,” said the composer.

Has he given a thought to singing like his brother Armaan?

“Yes, I will sing when the time is right. My song chooses the singer, not me. If Armaan’s voice works, he will sing, if it doesn’t he will not. No emotions come between this. If my voice suits a particular song of mine, I will sing it,” said Amaal, who used to compose music for advertisements before venturing into Bollywood.

“I did about 100 ads before jumping into films, and yes advertising did help me. It honed my skills in scoring music to films. Movies are big. The responsibility is huge, advertising… if you don’t make a great jingle you aren’t written off.

“Scoring music for films is like playing snakes and ladder. If one song doesn’t connect, you are written off. That said, the transition has been great and it’s only getting better,” he said.

He has made jingles for brands like Amul, Vodafone, Horlicks and Relaxo. Is creating jingles essential before making music for movies?

“Yes, it helps as you understand videos and timelines better. You become more aware about frames and seconds…it makes you competitive.”

He is also looking forward to films like “Calendar Girls”, “Sanam Re” and “Junooniyat”.

“I’m changing my music style for these films and doing melodious songs and experimenting with genres like Rock, Club Bhangra and Pop Ballads,” he said.

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